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Advanced Manufacturing

Render of a 3D Model

The Advanced Manufacturing Associate in Applied Science program is designed to provide the hands-on and theoretical knowledge necessary to produce graduates that are properly trained and job ready. The various concentrations within the Associate in Applied Science are high demand technical manufacturing disciplines. Jackson College is currently adapting existing programs and creating new curriculum to meet the newest technology and the more rigorous technical expertise that employers are seeking in candidates.

JC is also creating the framework within this system to allow students interested only in a concentration to complete a concentration set of courses now. Later as they progress in their careers they can add the other academic core courses to expand their concentration to earn the Associate degree. This methodology will allow for a larger student base, getting students aligned with their educational and career goals faster. JC is also integrating basic math skills into the early concentration courses. This allows students the extra math experience necessary to test into the additional math requirements for the Associate Degree program. This method should allow students to get the math experience they require within course(s) that are in their area of interest.