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ACC 115 - Payroll Accounting (2 CR)

Accurate payroll records and timely payroll tax reporting are critical elements for all successful businesses. Learn to apply payroll accounting rules and procedures to support business operations. Learn employment and tax laws that affect payroll preparation. Learn the skills, procedures, and concepts necessary to compute a company’s payroll. Topics include hiring, gross pay, FICA taxes, income taxes, employee deductions and benefits, payroll accounting, earnings records, tax deposits, unemployment taxes, recording payroll transactions, Form 940EZ, Form 941, reporting employee earnings and special situations.

Pre-requisites: ENG 085 and ENG 090

ACC 122 - Volunteer Income Tax Project (3 CR)

Students will assist Jackson area targeted and elderly populations with income tax preparation. Working with both the Jackson Community Action Agency and the Internal Revenue Service, students will train and test to be become VITA tax preparers. Training will occur during January, fieldwork will take place through April 15 and coursework will wrap up during the remainder of April. Previous computer experience is strongly recommended.

Pre-requisites: ENG 085, MAT 020 or higher and CIS 101

ACC 130 - Quickbooks Pro (2 CR)

Today nearly all businesses rely on computer software to facilitate the accounting process. Learn to use the many features of this popular and sophisticated small business computerized accounting system. Topics include customizing the system to your business, invoicing, statements, collections, bill paying, general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash accounts, bank reconciliations, reports and graphs, payroll, budgeting, and tax reports.

Pre-requisites: ACC 211 or higher and CIS 101

ACC 211 - College Accounting (3 CR)

This class has been discontinued and replaced with ACC 216 in healthcare programs.

ACC 214 - Income Tax Accounting (3 CR)

Federal income tax for personal and business use. Concepts covered include taxable income, deductions, exclusions, exemptions and credits against the tax. Proprietorship tax returns including accounting and depreciation methods, self-employment taxes, self-employed retirement plans, capital gains and losses, disposition of property (both personal and business) and estimated tax declaration.

Pre-requisites: MAT 020 or higher

ACC 216 - Financial Accounting Concepts (4 CR)

This course is designed for the non-accounting supervisor/manager who must have an understanding of financial and managerial accounting as it is used in decision making. Learn about annual reports, financial statements, balance sheet accounts and accounting transactions. Focus on how accounting information is used in decision making and not on the mechanics behind that accounting information. This is an introductory accounting course required for the BUA, MOA and some CIS programs. Students should consider their academic program and select either ACC 216 OR ACC 231.

ENG 085, ENG 090 and MTH 020 or higher

ACC 220 - Taxation Issues for Businesses (3 CR)

This class has been discontinued and replaced with ACC 214.

ACC 231 - Principles of Accounting I (4 CR)

Learn the theory and practice of recording financial accounting data and preparation of financial statements in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) with an emphasis on corporations. Topics include account analysis, month end accounting, and financial statement preparation through the Statement of Cash Flows. Current software and online applications will be utilized.

Pre-requisites: ENG 085, ENG 090, MTH 031 or higher, and CIS 101 or CIS 121

ACC 232 - Principles of Accounting II (4 CR)

Use analytical accounting tools, calculations and schedules to support and impact the managerial decision making process. Topics include cost accounting, break-even analysis, differential analysis, financial statement analysis, budgeting and other managerial accounting tools. Current software and online applications will be utilized.

Pre-requisites: ACC 231

ACC 234 - Managerial Accounting (4 CR)

Management level professionals from all disciplines will be faced with complex situations and decisions. Appropriate managerial accounting reports and critical thinking skills are crucial to a pro-active management process. Learn about financial statement analysis, cash flow forecasting, job order costing in manufacturing, process costing in manufacturing, activity based costing in manufacturing, cost-volume analysis, cost behavior analysis, budgeting, responsibility accounting, case study analysis, critical thinking and decision making skills.

Pre-requisites: ACC 232

ACC 240 - Intermediate Accounting (4 CR)

Professional accountants must have a solid background in GAAP financial accounting concepts. Review and expand your knowledge of accounting theory and processes, nature and content of the balance sheet and income statement, present value tables and their application, currently applicable Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and recent Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) pronouncements.

Pre-requisites: ACC 232

ACC 245 - Internship (3 CR)

Gain valuable work experience in an accounting position. The position must be obtained by the student in coordination with a faculty member and approved by the department before registration is permitted.

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