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Campus Services

When you call Facilities (ext. 8681)

Calls into Facilities will be directed to an automated system with the following options:

  • Emergency calls - (Option 1) will be directed to JC security which will then evaluate the situation and contact the appropriate people within the facilities department.
    • Emergency repairs are identified as anything that requires immediate attention to avoid serious injury or damage. Emergency repairs include broken water or gas pipes, a power failure, water backing up from a drain, any potential fire or shock hazard, conditions that could cause slip and fall accidents, and heating problems which could result in a freezing situation.
  • Routine repairs - This will direct you to the facilities department web page, where you will find the Maintenance, Grounds and Custodial Work request. This must be filled out completely and e-mailed to No work orders will be completed outside of this process. We will not accept e-mails or voicemails as a work request.
    • Routine repairs are problems that can be scheduled and do not require immediate attention - even if you would like it taken care of as soon as possible. Examples of routine repairs include a burned-out light bulb, empty soap and/or paper towel dispenser, broken or sticking drawers or cabinets, broken blinds, and rodents/pests.
    • Hot and Cold calls are not an emergency when they fall within 4 degrees of our target set points which are 72 degrees in the summer and 70 degrees in the winter. All thermostats around campus are locked out to maintain these temperatures, they have the ability to go + or - 2 degrees on either side of the target range depending on where the thumbwheel is in relationship to the current room temperature.
  • Voicemail - individuals and vendors will have the option at the end of the automated system to leave a message. Voicemails attempting to place one of the above requests will not be responded to or placed in the system. This extension and messaging system does not go to a specific person; if you need to contact a specific person within the Facilities Department please use their e-mail or extension within the college directory.

Events Set Up / Needs

Due to time constraints and tight scheduling, all events set up/needs must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the event. Be sure to answer all questions on the form completely and email to

Events Setup Form

Maintenance/Grounds/Custodial Work Requests

This form is used by employees outside of the Facilities Department for all non-emergencies Campus Maintenance, Grounds or Custodial work requests. Requests include but are not limited to light replacement, picture hanging, small furniture moves, broken hardware, etc. Work Requests will be processed daily and priority scheduled. Form should be e-mailed to the Facilities Office Coordinator or faxed to 517.796.8634.

All non-life threatening emergencies should be immediately reported to Facilities (796.8681) Security (796.8620) or the switchboard (0)

All life threatening emergencies, call 9-911 and then Security (796.8620)

Maintenance/Grounds/Custodial Work Request

Key Requests

For campus security and safety, all building/room key requests must be submitted to the security department. Provide complete information including building/room number and date needed. You may call 796.8620 or e-mail the security department or Jeff Whipple. Any key request for office furniture should be submitted on the facilities Work Request form.

Key Requests

College Vehicle Usage Requests

This form is used by employees outside of the facilities department to request the use of a College owned vehicles to conduct College business. At least 48 hours in advance the requesting party shall submit the College Vehicle Request form to the facilities department via e-mail only to

Request must include the following information: date of request, name of driver, department and JC phone extension, type of vehicle needed (i.e.: covered/uncovered truck, seven-passenger van), date and time of departure/return, purpose of vehicle use and destination and cell phone while driving vehicle. What the vehicle is being used for should be indicated on the request form, vans will only be used for transporting passengers and luggage. All supplies and materials will be transported in trucks. All other vehicles will be used by facilities personnel. All drivers must submit a copy of their valid driver's license with the request before the request will be completed and reserved. If this information is not attached, it will be declined and sent back. Drivers must have a valid license on them at all times when driving a College owned vehicle.

Facilities department will notify requesting party of denial or approval via email. Notifications of approval will include specific details regarding the vehicle scheduled, pick up and return of the vehicle and any special requirements and/or conditions on the use of the vehicle. The scheduled vehicle will be available for pick up at the Campus Services Building. Vehicles will be clean and have a full tank of gas when picked up. Any additional gas purchases are the responsibility of the driver. (For policy/procedure for personal gasoline expenditure, refer to the travel reimbursement policy).

* College gas cards are not available *

The authorized driver shall remove trash and return the vehicle at the scheduled time. Failure to return a vehicle when scheduled may result in denial of future requests.

Cancellations are required at least 24 hours in advance.

College Vehicle Usage Request