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Aviation Flight Technology

Flight Center

JC provides an associate degree and individual pilot certification in:

  • private pilot certification
  • commercial pilot certification
  • instrument rating
  • flight instructor certification
  • instrument flight instructor rating

Students can also take coursework/credits that may transfer to a four-year college or university for a bachelor's degree in aviation management.

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Jackson County Airport – Jackson, MI • 517.787.7012

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Jackson County

Established in 1979 and located on the grounds of the Jackson County Airport, the Flight Center is a 5,200-square-foot facility complete with lounge, briefing room, simulator room, classroom and hangar.

Facilities at the airport are state-of-the-art, increasing the effectiveness of your flight training. Two hard-surfaced runways, an ATC control tower, plus VOR, ADF, and ILS equipment enables three distinct instrument approaches to Jackson. These aid greatly in developing instrument proficiency without having to fly great distances to work on needed flight procedures.

The center is open 52 weeks a year, seven days a week (except national holidays). Students may begin flying anytime; ground classes begin in August, January and May.

For advising and registration contact the Jackson Flight Center at 517.787.7012.