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Human Resources

For Adjuncts

Adjunct Employee Incentives

ATM Locations

There are three ATM machines located on Central Campus:

  • George E. Potter Center
  • James McDivitt Hall
  • William Atkinson Hall

Automotive Incentives

G-Force Automotive in Vandercook Lake offers two great incentives to JC employees. If you need an oil change or other mechanical work, a G-Force Automotive employee will come to JC Central Campus, pick up your vehicle, and return it to Central Campus when the work is complete. In addition, regular oil changes for JC employees AND students are now $21.00. To coordinate the pick-up and return of your vehicle, please call 517.782.8755.


Making a purchase from the JC Bookstore? Be sure you identify yourself as a JC employee and you will get a 10% discount. No discount on sale items, candy, software or phone cards. You can browse the JC Bookstore opens new window online.

Cellular Discounts

Did you know that if you have a cell phone with Verizon, Alltel, or AT&T you could receive a discount just for being a JC employee?  Click the links above for more information.

Discounted Meals

With the new Continental Services reward card every time you purchase something off the list you will be rewarded points, please see Continental Services for more details.

The points are as follows:

75 points-free 16 oz fountain soda
150 points- $3.00 added to your value card
250 points- free beverage and dessert
350 points- $6.00 added to your value card
Daily specials-3 pts
Select lunch items-2 pts
Select breakfast, dessert -1 pt
Select beverage-1/2 pt

JC Tuition Credits

Did you know that as an adjunct you earn what you teach? For example if you are teaching a 3 credit class you earn 3 credits, if you are a Senior Adjunct teaching a 3 credit class you earn 4.5 credits, and a Master Adjunct teaching a 3 credit class will earn 6 credits.

If you are doing non-classroom, or clinical work the number of hours you work during that semester is divided by 24 to calculate your earned credits. For example if you work 375 hours this semester you will earn 15.63 credits, a Senior Adjuncts will earn 23.45, and a Master Adjuncts will earn 31.26 credits.

The credits are available for you, your spouse, or your child under the age of 25. You will keep earning credits as long as you are working for JC, however if you do not use your credits you are only able to bank up to 50 credits.

Tuition credits will expire after a period of 3 years, if the adjunct instructor is no longer employed by JC. At the end of the 3 year period any remaining credits will be forfeited. If the instructor later is re-employed he/she will start earning credits as described above.

Make Jackson Home

Prudential Premier Properties has designed a program for Jackson College students, alumni* and employees that will save you money when you buy real estate anywhere in Jackson County. When you buy a house, you should contact Team Schlecte of Prudential Premier Properties. We will pave the way for a smooth transition with no additional cost to you. If fact, you will end up with extra money in your pocket!

(*Alumni must buy the house within 5 years of graduating.)

MIS Tickets

You work hard and have earned some fun. JC has partnered with Michigan International Speedway to offer employees and students an incentive for all of their hard work. What could be more thrilling than hanging out with friends at a NASCAR race? Save up to $45 on tickets and enjoy great benefits of free parking, pit access and a $10 concession voucher. Ordering is simple all you need to do is go to and you will be able to pick from four different options for each of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races at MIS! Share this offer with your family and friends and make a day of it!

 Notary Services

Need a document notarized? If you need a personal document notarized they will provide this service free of charge to any JC employee.

The JC notary publics are:

  • Sue Lewis, Nursing Secretary*
  • Melissa Weatherwax, Human Resources
  • Marianne George, JC @ LISD Tech
  • Tina May, JC @ LISD Tech

*Sue has the embossed seal that is necessary when you need to send your notarized document out-of-state.

On-Site Day Care

Need day care for your child? ABC Academy operates a day care center on the campus of Jackson College. Priority for enrollment is given to students and then to JC employees before enrollment is opened to the public. Call 768-9323 for more information. JC students and employees receive a 5% discount.

Operator/Receptionist Services

Need to send an overnight letter? U.P.S. or Federal Express envelopes are available at the switchboard. Complete the delivery information and indicate that the bill should be sent to you. You then pay the carrier directly. To go out the same day it must be to the switchboard by 1:00 P.M., items received after 1:00 P.M. will be picked up in the morning of the next business day. Contact the switchboard, extension 0, for more information.


Plastics can be recycled on the Central Campus at five locations:

  1. On the east side of Potter Center by the Bookstore entrance.
  2. On the west side of the Fieldhouse at the main entrance.
  3. Between McDivitt and Atkinson Halls.
  4. Outside the main door at Campus View.
  5. On the south courtyard at Whiting Hall.

Paper can be recycled in each of the buildings. Potter Center bins are in the back hallway near the Federer Rooms and the other buildings have bins under the stairways. Go GREEN!

United Postal Service

Need to mail a box or have a box delivered to you? You can drop off your packed box at Shipping and Receiving to be shipped via United Parcel Service. Be sure to put your return address and the delivery address inside the box. Type out or print very neatly the shipping address and your name on a piece of paper and tape to the box (you do not need to do a shipping label our computerized system will print the label). Jim Dale will call you with the cost and you then pay the cashier.

You can have U.P.S. make a personal delivery for you at JC Shipping and Receiving. Make sure that it has your name and the JC address. We will sign for it and then notify you that it has arrived. You just need to come to Shipping and Receiving in the Campus Services Building and pick it up. Contents damaged or not what you wanted? You are responsible for the return or resolving any damage claim.

 For more information contact Jim Dale at extension 8617.


Workout Facilities - Now available at all 3 campuses!

On the  Central Campus, the fitness center is located in the Victor Cuiss Fieldhouse. Hours are available upon request. Lifetime Learning (LTL) Courses is excluded from tuition grants with the exception of one (1) LTL Health and Physical Fitness course per semester.

Hillsdale employees and students now qualify for a discount at Anytime Fitness located in Downtown Hillsdale. Your membership includes 24 hour access to all Anytime fitness facilities and tanning at the Hillsdale location only for a low price of $25 per month for 12 months, along with a $30 processing fee. Any additional members from the same household will be $19.99 per month, along with $30 processing fee. Please show your JC ID to receive this discount.

JC has partnered with the Lenawee YMCA to offer Health and Physical Fitness classes. Eligible employees may use their tuition credits to participate in these classes. 

Lenawee employees and students now qualify for discounts at The Fitness Connection in Tecumseh, just show your id and JC employees receive 20% off, while students receive nearly 40% off!

New Walkstation

Interested in staying healthy and fit? Then try out JC's new Walkstation. The Walkstation is the combination of a fully integrated electric height-adjustable computer station with an exclusively engineered, low speed commercial grade treadmill. At a maximum speed of 2 mph the Walkstation lets you walk comfortably, burn calories, feel healthier and more energized - all while accomplishing the things you'd normally do on your personal time, such as balancing your checkbook, shopping online, checking your personal e-mail, etc. If you would like to use the Walkstation please e-mail Sandra Phelan.

* Requires JC login