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Contact: Marilynn Fryer
November 9, 2009
For immediate release

Science Café coming to Hudson’s Grill

Jackson Community College students will assist with an upcoming Science Café event, at 6 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 12 at Hudson’s Grill, 2900 Springport Road, Jackson.

Science Cafés feature scientists from Michigan universities talking about current science topics in a relaxed casual atmosphere, over drinks and food with friends. Thursday’s discussion will be “The Expanding Universe,” an astronomical discussion with Megan Donahue, Ph.D., professor of physics and astronomy at Michigan State University.

Students from Jackson Community College will collaborate as hosts, greeters and small group conversation starters. Attendees should come early for best seats.

This is a nationwide initiative to bring scientific topics to the lay public to increase literacy and engage people in discussing science in a casual, informal atmosphere.