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Contact: Marilynn Fryer
(517) 796-8466
September 7, 2010
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Constitution Day events set for Sept. 16

Jackson Community College will observe Constitution Day on Thursday, Sept. 16.

This year marks the 223rd anniversary of the U.S. Constitution, which was signed on Sept. 17, 1787. JCC students will read the Constitution over the public address system, and a voter registration drive will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. outside the Potter Center cafeteria. Information about registering to vote will be available on the JCC web site, as well as an online Constitution trivia contest.

Of the written national constitutions, the U.S. Constitution is the oldest and shortest. During its history, more than 11,000 amendments have been introduced in Congress. Thirty-three have gone to the states to be ratified and 27 have received the necessary approval from the states to actually become amendments to the Constitution.

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