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Contact: Marilynn Fryer
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September 21, 2010
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JCC enrollment at its highest point ever; minority enrollment continues to climb

Jackson Community College’s Fall 2010 student enrollment numbers are at the highest ever, with 8,031 students enrolled in 81,401 billing contact hours as of the 10th day of Fall classes.

JCC’s student headcount is up 3 percent over one year ago, Fall 2009, and up 37 percent when compared to five years ago, Fall 2006. Billing contact hours, a measure of the actual time spent in class, is up 2 percent from last year and 43 percent from five years ago.

Demographically, enrollment of students of color is at its highest point in the college history, with 1,158 students enrolled who identify themselves as a minority. That number is 22 percent higher than last Fall, and more than double – a 109 percent increase – from five years ago, when 2006 Fall minority enrollment was 555 students.

Also, JCC is seeing slightly fewer students enrolled full-time this semester, at 47 percent compared to 49 percent a year ago, while there is a 6 percent increase in the number of part-time students. Students under the age of 22 still make up 40 percent of total enrollment, but there is a 2 percent decrease from last Fall. Student enrollment under 22 is still up 26 percent from five years ago.

JCC’s Jackson campus account for 59 percent of Fall enrollment in contact hours; Lenawee 18 percent; Internet (distance learning) 18 percent; and Hillsdale 7 percent.