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Contact: Marilynn Fryer
(517) 796-8466
September 27, 2010
For immediate release

Science Cafés feature technical conversations in a casual atmosphere

A scientist walks into a bar… really! Come hear the punch line at Jackson’s new year of the Science Café series. Scientists from Michigan universities talk about current science topics in a relaxed casual atmosphere, over drinks and food with friends.

The Science Cafés will be held on Thursday nights at Hudson’s Grill, 2900 Springport Road, in Jackson. Students from Jackson Community College will collaborate as hosts, greeters and small group conversation starters. Upcoming discussions include:

Thursday, Oct. 7, at 6 p.m., “Giant Galaxies of the Universe,” by Mark Voit, Michigan State University astronomy and astrophysics professor. Voit’s research explores how the hydrogen and helium gas that pervaded the early universe becomes transformed into the stars and galaxies we see today. Gravity is the prime mover in this process of structure formation because it draws matter into increasingly larger structures as time passes, but as stars begin to form, feedback from supernovae and active galactic nuclei start to inhibit additional star formation, thereby regulating the development of galaxies. Voit is particularly interested in how these feedback mechanisms operate in groups and clusters of galaxies and in interpreting the signatures they inscribe on the hot plasma that fills these structures. He also studies how supermassive black holes and powerful bursts of star formation affect the galaxies that host them.

This series is made possible by a grant from the Michigan Space Grant Consortium and support from Jackson Community College.