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Dual Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for choosing Jackson College. Taking college credit while you are finishing your high school requirements can give you a good start into higher education. We hope these FAQs will answer most of your questions. Please review them carefully. For more information, be sure to read the instructions printed on the back of the High School Dual Enrollment form. Responsibility for payment is explained on each side of the form.

How do I apply?

The High School Dual Enrollment form serves as your guest application to JC. Use this form to register for classes. If you decide to drop or withdraw from classes, also use this same High School Dual Enrollment form.

Who has to sign the High School Dual Enrollment form?

You, your parent or guardian, and your high school counselor and/or Principal all sign. Your high school needs to sign off on the "Approval" side of the form to let you take college classes, plus sign off on the "Billing" side of the form to authorize payment. All signatures need to be present, even if you pay for the class yourself and take it only for college credit.

Do I still need this form to take an evening class? Even if it's just personal interest?

Yes. Your school has to grant permission and sign in all designated places on the form, until you graduate high school. This is true for Summer classes also.

Does my parent have to sign the form?

Yes, unless you are 18 or older and are willing to assume responsibility for payment.

What if I'm home schooled?

The parent signs off as the counselor and principal, and the "Home High School" line is filled in as "Home Schooled."

What can I take in College?

Your high school counselor will help you determine what you should take.

Who pays?

Your high school will decide. For more information on the guidelines set by the State of Michigan, visit: Qualifying Scores to Dual Enroll or Dual Enrollment Information for the State The State sets minimum guidelines, but does not limit or restrict schools.

Will I get a College Grade?

Yes. Registering for an academic course means you will receive a grade and have a college transcript. A transcript is a permanent, historical record of courses attempted and completed. Any courses you are still enrolled in after the drop date will appear on your college transcript along with the grade earned. These are permanent and cannot be removed or changed. (See JC Schedule booklet for specific deadlines.)

Will my credits transfer to other colleges and universities?

Always check our webpage ( and with the colleges/universities that you want to attend to confirm transferability, realizing that institutions may change policies and that various programs have differing grade and course requirements. We do our best to make current information available to you and your high school counselor. Overall, only courses with a 2.0 grade or higher will transfer. Some universities, such as Michigan State University, may have policies that limit what classes can count for both high school and college credit. You must have an official transcript sent from JC to your transfer college.

What if I don't want a grade?

You can audit, but you must designate this on the High School Dual Enrollment form when you register, or before the end of the drop period, still using the Dual Enrollment form. Check with your high school on the implications of auditing, and in the JC Schedule book for details and deadlines.

What if I want out of a class?

Always use a High School Dual Enrollment form, completely filled out, to drop or withdraw from a class. A "drop" is when you take yourself out of a class within the "drop and add" period of not receiving a W grade. A dropped class won't be on your transcript and the tuition is refundable. Check the JC schedule each semester for exact dates.

A "withdrawal" is when you take yourself out of a class after the drop and add period. Some instructors may withdraw students for non-attendance. Your grade for the class will be a W, which will appear on your report card and on your transcript. This will not affect your grade point average at JC. Some universities, such as Michigan State University, consider a W as a 0.0, however. Also, check your high school's policy on how a W effects your high school grade point average and your eligibility for participating in high school activities and programs.

Why all the signatures on the form to just get out of the class?

Your high school may want to collect the money spent on your enrollment, plus your school might want to know where you are during the time that you were supposed to be in College classes. JC asks for all signatures (high school and parents) to acknowledge that the money issue and the grade/credit issue have been discussed and agreed upon.

Will I be treated differently in my college classes?

No. You will be treated the same as any other college student. Topics discussed and some of the language used may be of an adult nature, and the instructor will hold you accountable for assignments and attendance the same as all other students are held accountable. High school students enrolling at JC are subject to all college policies governing students while attending classes.

Can my parent or school get information about me?

You are protected under FERPA (a federal privacy law), which means that we can only discuss your progress and performance with others if we have your (the student's) permission. JC will only release your schedule and grade information to the high school if the high school is paying for your tuition. If you are paying but want your records sent to the high school, you must make the request in writing.

Will my college grade affect my high school grade?

Check with your high school. Your college grade may impact your high school grade, activities, and eligibilities as well as graduation requirements.

Can I apply for Financial Aid?

College financial aid can only be used for admitted college students, not dual enrolled. Do apply for financial aid in your senior year of high school to get your college money ready for the fall semester after you graduate from high school.

When do I apply to JC?

When you are in your Senior year, fill out a JC application for admission. Send us your high school transcript and ACT scores. You will be invited to orientation and will meet with an advisor to plan your schedule. Make sure you file for financial aid early. Your high school counselor will keep you informed of due dates. In the meantime, your High School Dual Enrollment form serves as a guest application, and the classes you take at JC all count as college courses.