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Registration & Records


Registration and Records Services (located in Bert Walker Hall) maintains the official permanent academic record - transcript of every student who attends JC.

Paperless Transcript Requests

To better serve students, Jackson College utilizes the National Student Clearinghouse for completely online and paperless transcript requests. No more mailing, faxing, or dropping off forms to Jackson College. Complete the entire process online and track the status of your order. All you need is an email account and a valid major credit or debit card for the five dollar fee. Click below to get started.

What is the difference between an official and an issued to student transcript

An official transcript is stamped with the College seal and signed by the registrar. An official transcript never passes through the hands of the student. Official transcripts are sent directly to the recipient, such as another institution or employer. Official transcripts cannot be carried or mailed by the student or the recipient will not accept them as official.

An issued to student transcript does not include the registrar's signature or college seal. The transcript is marked "issued to student." These transcripts are recommended for the student's reference, advising and planning purposes only.

Official transcripts are printed on security paper. Issued to student transcripts are printed on white paper.

Jackson College cannot fax transcripts because there is no assurance that the recipient is the only person at the other end of the fax. Transcripts are printed on security paper, which does not allow for faxing of these documents.

Student Services 517.796.8425

Don’t have a credit or debit card?

Please submit your payment and your request in writing with the following information:
  • Any names you had while attending Jackson College
  • Your date of birth
  • The complete title and address where the transcript is to be sent
  • Your legal signature

Mail your request and check or money order for $5 per copy to:

Jackson College
Attn: Transcript
2111 Emmons Rd
Jackson, MI 49201