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The Supplemental Instruction Program at JC

11% Average Increase
in Pass Rate

Source: JC Office of Institutional Research

Supplemental Instruction is a learning enhancement program to help students learn better in our courses. For you as a student, it's a chance to get together with people in your class to compare notes, discuss important concepts, develop strategies for studying the subject, and practice problem solving techniques. You will also get the chance to test yourselves before your instructor does, so that when test day comes, you'll be ready.

At each session, you will be guided through this material by your SI leader. They know the course content and are anxious to help guide you through it. They'll be in class with you every day, hearing what you hear. What they won't do is lecture; their job is to help you think about the lectures you hear and practice the techniques you learn, and then put it all together during the SI sessions. Although attendance is voluntary, if you attend SI sessions regularly, chances are you'll earn a better grade. You'll have developed a better understanding of course content as well as more effective ways of studying. This will help you in other classes, as well!

Interested in attending a session? - find one here!

If you would like to attend a session but do not have a SI supporting your class, guests are always welcome!

Want to become a Supplemental Instruction Leader?

Have you ever wished you could do something over, knowing what you know now? SI leaders are excellent students themselves and are prepared to share with you what they have learned. SI leader is a paid student employment opportunity that involves embedding a peer coach (the "SI leader") in a section of a course in which they've previously been successful. The SI leader is paid to attend all class sessions, as well as to schedule and run two, one-hour study sessions outside of class time. We provide the (paid) training, the materials, and the support you need to be successful, and there are SI-supported courses at all of our campus locations. The job is part teaching, part coaching, part modeling of successful student behavior, and it is a great opportunity to earn money and gain valuable experiences in an academic context. Interested? Connect with Monica Bouman.

JC Mathematics SI Leader Information Page

Contact information:

SI Program Supervisor:
Monica Bouman
Potter Center, Federer C

Mathematics and Science Coordinator:
Steven Tuckey
James McDivitt Hall, Room 142

The SI supervisors provide SI training, coordinate placement of SI leaders, answer all questions regarding
the SI program, and collect attendance sheets.