Faculty Professional Development Committee

Mission Statement:  The Faculty Professional Development Committee (FPDC) of Jackson College exists to facilitate learning opportunities for full-time faculty members that enhance the teaching and learning process.

Faculty Professional Development Forms & Guides

Committee Materials

Faculty Professional Development Committee Members

Steven Tuckey, Chair
Mathematics & Engineering
Suzanne Long, Treasurer
Sarah Ebersole
 Todd Butler
Dean, Arts & Sciences
Mona Baarson
Mathematics & Engineering
Chris DeMarco
Dave DeBaker
Foundation Studies
Ann Flint
Allied Health
Marina Martinez-Kratz
Chris Kazer
Brian Newberry
Instructional Designer
Kate Thirolf
Dean, Business & Human Services
Shirin Timms
Behavioral Sciences
Syd Thomas
Language, Literature, and Arts
Jolene Chapman
Dean, Technical Education
 Tonya Compton
Director, Innovative Instruction