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Technology Literacy

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You found me! I’m so excited. Landing on this web page brings you one step closer to your successful journey as a digital citizen of the 21st century. JC is here to help you on this journey, from learning how to turn a computer on and using a mouse and keyboard, through surfing the web and emailing files, and to creating documents and presentations with productivity software (and how to find those files again!) Technology literacy is fast becoming a critical foundational skill of our present and future, as many courses now use technology to learn content in the course. Let us help you learn how to use a computer, so that you can use computers to learn math, writing, reading and many other disciplines. Not sure where to start? We can help with that too! We have an assessment that will help you get started at the right level…and a complete pathway to help you advance and be successful. I can’t wait to meet you!

Angel Fonseca, Assistant Professor

Computer Literacy Courses

CIS 090 Computer Basics (2 CR)

This course introduces basic computer concepts and components. Topics include beginning computer concepts, identifying hardware, understanding software, using Windows® operating system, learning the keyboard, understanding the World Wide Web and conducting Internet searches, and introduction to e-mail communications, Students will apply concepts to real-life scenarios through active-learning strategies.

CIS 095 Computer Literacy (2 CR)

This course covers computer concepts, storage media, file management, word processing, online learning systems, e-mailing with attachments, and keyboarding. Students will apply concepts to real-life scenarios through active-learning strategies. Prerequisites: CIS 090

Computer Literacy Contacts

Photo of Angel Fonseca