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Health Professions Advising Information

Jackson Community College offers wonderful opportunities for becoming a health care professional. Even though we don't offer degrees for every health care profession, that doesn't mean JCC can't help you get the degree you want. Whether your chosen profession requires a bachelors, masters, or doctorate degree, JCC offers many of the required undergraduate courses required for those degrees.

While there are dozens (if not hundreds) of professions available for people interested in a career in health care, this site will focus on those that are most popular with our students. Deciding to become a health care professional is simple, but doing it successfully requires some careful course selection and planning.

Most degrees require students to complete a very specific set of courses prior to being admitted for study. For some professions, almost every school that offers a degree in it has the same set of requirements. For other professions, each school has their own unique set of requirements. Knowing the general requirements and finding specific requirements for various schools can make the difference between being a successful applicant to professional school or an unsuccessful applicant.

Unfortunately, many students think that completing the prerequisite courses is the only thing they need to do to be accepted to the health professions school of their choice. The true story is that the schools look at a wide range of things, coursework being just one part of the picture. Focusing on just one part and ignoring any of the others can set back your dream of becoming a health care professional.

The other pages on this site provides some basic information to help you successfully begin your journey to become a health care professional. For more detailed information, or to discuss any questions you have about becoming a health care professional, contact Dr. Patricia Visser (ext. 8533).