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Allied Health

Allied Health General Studies Degree - Associate of Applied Science

The AHGS degree is a unique educational option and very different from other Allied Health or Health Profession degrees. This degree provides the opportunity for someone with certification and/or licensure earned either through a training program or on the job, to obtain an Associate degree to increase their opportunity for employment and advancement in their field and/or education.

The Allied Health General Studies program is specifically designed for those who have already earned some form of certification or licensure in an allied health profession and are looking to obtain an associate degree in order to further their education or employment opportunities. Certification or licensure, which must be submitted to determine eligibility, may meet up to 30 credits toward the Allied Health Core Requirements. Educational focus options are described in the guide sheet which will provide the opportunity to meet the 40 credit core requirement.

Certifications or licensures not listed in the guide sheet may still meet program requirements. To determine if your certification or licensure is eligible, please contact Dr. Kristin Spencer, AHGS Program Director.