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Diagnostic Medical Sonography Advising Fact Sheet

Jackson College has compiled this information to assist you as you are preparing for the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Programs in either: General Sonography; Vascular Sonography; or Cardiac Sonography. Please review this information then acknowledge receipt of this fact sheet by signing and returning page 4 to Student Services at Jackson College.

Apply to Jackson College


  • Your first step in the process is to complete a Jackson College admission application. Even if you are taking pre-requisite courses at another school it is necessary that you complete Jackson College’s application process as soon as possible. This will list you as a prospective DMS candidate.
  • You are encouraged to consult with a Jackson College Academic Advisor throughout your preadmission program.
  • You must submit the acknowledge receipt of the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Advising Fact Sheet to Student Services. The acknowledge receipt is a prerequisite document to register for DMS 104.

Apply to the Sonography Program(s)

  • DMS programs are online second admission programs. This means that there is no guarantee that if you finish all pre-requisite requirements that you will be admitted into the program. You are competing against many other students vying for a limited number of annual program slots.
  • The sonography programs, General, Vascular, and Cardiac, accept new students one time a year. The General applications are due annually on January 31 of each year for the May entry. The Vascular applications are due annually on May 31 of each year for the August entry. The Cardiac applications are due annually on August 31 and admit new students in January of each year. Please contact the Allied Health office at 517.768.7007 for details on the various application processes. Program applications may be obtained from the JC website at
  • The General Sonography Program is a four (4) semester program that begins in May of each year and finishes in August of the following year. The Vascular Program is a three (3) semester program that begins in August of each year and finishes in August of the following year. The Cardiac Sonography Program is a three (3) semester program that begins in January of each year and ends in December of that same year.

Complete pre-requisites

  • If you are transferring pre-requisite and general education credits from different colleges/universities you need to be aware that taking a course such as Human Anatomy & Physiology does not guarantee that this class will transfer in as an equivalent at Jackson College. Please contact the Jackson College transcript evaluator at 517.787.0800 ext. 8140 for more information on course equivalencies and the transferability of courses.
  • Most of the pre-requisite courses are offered online. It is important to note that Jackson College’s Biology courses (Human Biology and Human Anatomy & Physiology) may be taken in a hybrid format which will require students to come to the Jackson College campus to attend weekly scheduled lab days during the academic semester. If you are unable to come to campus to complete the biology labs it is possible for you to complete a Human Biology or Human Anatomy & Physiology course at a local College or University; however, you must speak with an advisor to confirm that the course will transfer to JC.
  • It is required that you have all General Education and Allied Health Core pre-requisite courses completed prior to acceptance into a sonography program. BIO 132 or BIO 155 or BIO 253 & BIO 254, HOC 130 and MOA 120 require a 3.0 or better for admission. You must have MAT 131, BIO 132 or BIO 155 or BIO 253, and signed and submitted the DMS Fact Sheet Acknowledgement Receipt prior to taking DMS 104.

Understanding the Acceptance Process

  • There is no waiting list for these programs. You must reapply each year if you are not accepted into the program after your first application.
  • High grades, related allied health experience, good interviewing skills, and job shadowing experiences positively influences your chances to secure a spot in the program. NOTE: Jackson College does not assist in finding job shadowing opportunities.
  • There are approximately 25 seats available annually within each program; however, the actual number of students accepted into the sonography programs is determined by how many clinical sites are available to host Jackson College students. Most clinical sites are a 1:1 student to clinical site ratio. A list of the locations of the clinical site is listed on Jackson College’s website.
  • The General, Vascular and Cardiac Sonography Programs are full-time academic programs. Holding a full-time job is strongly discouraged because of the rigors of the academic and clinical requirements. Students will be expected to attend their clinical education sites between 24 to 32 hours each week while in the program.
  • Students will be required to complete a criminal background check and drug screen. An offer of admission can be withdrawn based on the results of the student’s criminal background check and/or a positive drug screen. Admission into Jackson College’s program does not guarantee a student’s eligibility to sit for the ARDMS exam it is the student’s responsibility to verify eligibility directly with ARDMS.
  • Participation of clinical sites varies each year. While Jackson College uses its best efforts to negotiate clinical sites, even after they become available they can become unavailable for reasons beyond the control of Jackson College and in that event Jackson College has no liability. The Allied Health Office makes every attempt to secure and assign students to clinical sites based on the student’s preferences regarding commuting and/or relocation. However, it is not always possible to secure a site within commuting distance therefore students who are open to relocating improve their chances of getting into the program. You are encouraged to view the clinical site information on Jackson College’s website or contact the Allied Health Office regarding clinical site questions.
  • If there are approved accredited sonography programs currently in your area it may be challenging for Jackson College to secure a clinical site in this area. A listing of accredited sonography programs can be viewed on the CAAHEP website at
  • If you have a hospital or ultrasound lab who is interested in hosting you as a student for one of Jackson College’s Sonography Programs, please visit Jackson College’s website at for additional direction about this process.
  • The General, Vascular and Cardiac Sonography clinicals are unpaid educational experiences.

If you have any questions please contact the Allied Health Office at 517.768.7007.