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Business Administration


BUA 100 Contemporary Business

Business is an exciting, rewarding field that covers an ever-changing global landscape. As business speeds into the 21st century, new technologies, population shifts, and shrinking global barriers are altering the world at a frantic pace. Learn about the range of business careers available and the daily decisions, tasks, and challenges that they face. Emphasis is placed upon developing a vocabulary of business terminology, teamwork, quality, social responsibility and cultural diversity. Understand how management, marketing, accounting, and human resource management work together to provide ethical competitive advantages for firms. This knowledge can help you enhance your career potential.

BUA 110 Introduction to Wall Street

Designed to help existing or potential investors keep abreast of investment opportunities in today’s changing financial world. Students are taught the mechanics of investing, how to analyze risk and return, and strategies to making sound investment decisions related to the stock market. The organization and function of the stock market, brokerage firms, and financial information on the Internet are examined.

BUA 111 Personal Finance

Provides a fundamental knowledge of financial concerns including financial services, stocks, bonds, budgeting, insurance, real estate, estate and tax planning, buying on credit, borrowing, saving, investing intelligently, and retirement. Analysis of personal objectives in financial planning will be discussed and put into practice.

BUA 120 Human Relations in Business

Effective human relations is an indispensable tool in developing a successful professional presence in today’s world. Topics include self-understanding, as well as the understanding of others, motivation, productivity, morale, conflict and change, stress, ethics, diversity, goal setting, the power of positive reinforcement, image building, emotional control, assertiveness, effective communication and different leadership styles.

BUA 121 Leadership

Both knowledge and behavior contribute to effective leadership skills needed to enhance the contribution of your team. Students explore topics including shared vision and values, team building, and decision-making. You will study leadership theory in ways that encourage development of your leadership skills, including effective use of power and influence, motivational tools, personality assessment, team communication, role modeling, and performance appraisals.

BUA 122 Successful Small Business

This course is designed for existing or potential owners and/or managers of a small business. Students examine the nature of small business and the factors that contribute to the success of a business. Topics include entrepreneurial opportunities, creation of a business plan, managing, financial management, inventory control/purchasing, legal issues, niche marketing, location, ethics, and how to avoid business failure.

BUA 130 Customer Service

In the face of change, an uncertain economy, and intensive competition, the student will learn how to create an unexpected, highly evolving experience, to create customer loyalty and compelling word of mouth customers. The core elements of service quality will be applied to both people-centered and technology-centered businesses, industries and organizations. The ultimate goal of this course is to help improve students’ abilities to communicate effectively with internal and external customers

BUA 131 Effective Selling

This class covers the basic fundamentals of selling, adaptable to any product or potential customer. Skills learned include satisfying customer needs, recognizing individual motives for purchase, sales psychology, business etiquette and developing a long-term consultative relationship with the customer. Persuasive sales presentations are developed and delivered using the steps of the selling process.

BUA 220 Principles of Management

Today’s successful manager must have the ability to blend theories and application skills in a variety of situations. This course is designed to reflect the dynamics of our changing world and covers topics such as management functions/processes, quality, leadership styles, power, global issues, and the challenges and opportunities of diversity. Emphasis is placed on ethics, decision-making, effective communication, evaluating employees, motivational tools, organizational design, environmental scanning, supervising groups, controlling quality, productivity improvement, managing change and conflict, labor relations and time management.

BUA 221 Human Resource Management

Create and maintain a desirable and productive work place by applying management skills with emphasis on improving performance and career development. Topics include: employment law, recruitment and selection, placement techniques, interview methods, job analysis, staffing, training and development, performance appraisals, team building, benefit administration, government regulation, compensation systems, health and safety, and labor-management issues.

BUA 230 Principles of Marketing

Students analyze the marketplace to identify customer wants and needs and develop effective strategies to satisfy them. Emphasis is placed on research, marketing environments, strategic planning, buyer behavior, evaluating key competitors, and the marketing functions of product/service planning, pricing, promotion and distribution.

BUA 231 Advertising, Promotion and Public Relations

Students study the principles and practices of numerous promotional tools used in marketing communications. Topics include creation of advertising, media strategies, ethics, message appeal, plus the use of specialty advertising, sales promotion and public relations to helps sell goods, services and ideas.

BUA 245 Internship

BUA 250 Business Law

This course offers an introduction to law and the legal system, dispute resolution and courts, business ethics, torts, contracts, sales and leases of goods, and negotiable instruments.