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Culinary Arts

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Cook up a new career with Jackson College’s culinary arts program

Students prepare for careers in a restaurant, hospitality or institutional setting. Culinary arts professionals have a variety of responsibilities that may include supervising and coordinating the activities of food service workers or dining room employees, planning menus, estimating daily or weekly needs, ordering and maintaining inventories of supplies and equipment, and keeping records of meals served. The program also provides a foundation for continued culinary arts studies at a four-year college, the chef certification through the American Culinary Federation (ACF) as well as the NRAEF ManageFirst and the ServSafe National Certification.

The program ladder allows students to start the program and attain skills and credentialing to put to work right away in the culinary and hospitality fields, and then continue their education toward a full associate degree. Students may earn:

  • Skill set in culinary arts
  • Concentration in culinary arts
  • Certificate in culinary arts
  • Associate in Applied Science in culinary arts and hospitality management