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General Education Philosophy

A message to students from JC faculty:

General education facilitates the development of an informed and educated person who recognizes and respects the diversity of communities, thinks critically and is proficient at fundamental skills. General education engages students in active learning by providing opportunities to observe, analyze and evaluate, and to apply these skills critically to problems. General education fosters the development of responsible, ethical human beings dedicated to improving their own lives and the lives of others through work, family life, social and political action, cultural awareness and service to others.

Because JC’s vision includes a variety of educational, cultural and economic goals, the general education requirements involve both traditional intellectual pursuits and practical skill development. As the general education requirements are designed to ensure breadth and depth of knowledge, they are met through carefully designed programs of study. Programs of study help students meet these goals by addressing each of the skill areas identified in the Associate Degree Outcomes. These are skills which the JC Board of Trustees has determined students should develop or enhance while enrolled in the college.

Associate Degree Outcomes

  1. Write clearly, concisely and intelligibly
  2. Speak clearly, concisely and intelligibly
  3. Demonstrate computational skills and mathematical reasoning
  4. Demonstrate scientific reasoning
  5. Understand human behavior and social systems, the principles which govern them, and their implications for the present and future
  6. Understand and appreciate aesthetic experience and artistic creativity
  7. Think critically
  8. Make responsible decisions in personal and professional contexts
  9. Work productively with others, recognizing individual contributions to group success
  10. Understand and respect the diversity and interdependence of peoples and cultures