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Health & Physical Fitness

HPF Courses for Degrees and Transfer

* These courses satisfy the JCC General Education requirement.
Note: Your specific program of study may limit your choices or require a specific course.

HPF 110 | Golf

Learn beginning skills, rules and courtesies. This course emphasizes the swing, chipping, and putting. Some equipment may be provided.

Instructor: Chris Decker

HPF 139 | Spinning

Afast paced, invigorating workout to music utilizing specialized “spinning” stationary exercise bikes. Students areable to exercise at their own pace. The class is designed for awide range of fitness levels.

Instructors: Mark Harris, Janice Showerman

HPF 160 | Wellness*

Learn the theoretical and practical relationship of lifestyle to productivity. Students examine attitudes and behaviors that enhance quality of life and maximize personal potential.Students have opportunities for self-evaluation.

Instructors: Kris Beyer, Susan Guerriero, Payge Hadopp, Mike Hardy, Mike Killian, Judy Marry, Anthony Rana, Dr. Jim Scott, G.Matthew Stephens, Travis Winchell

HPF 161 | Personalized Fitness

Receive a personalized fitness program, which requires 25 hours of exericse during convenient times. This self-paced course emphasizes both cardiovascular and muscular fitness.

Instructors: Yvonne Freeman, Justin McDermott, Janice Showerman

HPF 168 | Weight Training & Conditioning*

Includes both didactic and practical application of the principles of comprehensive exercise. Learn about the multi-dimensional components of exercise including cardiovascular, flexibility and body composition. Special focusis placed on muscular strength and endurance within the context of a wellness perspective. Under the supervision of the instructor, students work out in a state of the art fitness facility that includes Eagle/Cybex equipment and multiple cardiovascular machines as well as a ten-lap/mile track.

Instructors: Mike McGlynn, Dr. Jim Scott, Janice Showerman

Prerequisite: ENG 085

HPF 169 | Aerobic Rhythms

Students at various fitness levels participate in a choreographed exercise/dance and step class for the improvement of cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility.

Instructors:Janice Showerman

HPF 182 | Light Walking

Use walking to develop cardiovascular fitness and loseweight. This course emphasizes both muscular endurance and flexibility.

Instructors: Marilyn Cummer, Yvonne Freeman, Dr. Jim Scott

HPF 221 | Jazz Techniques*

Beginner to intermediate level class exploring contemporary jazz and modern dance techniques. Includes an introduction tothe fundamentals of choreography, exploration of the elementsof dance, and history of dance.

Instructor: Martha Petry

HPF 277 | Stress Management*

Examine current information and techniques related to stress management. Students learn basic concepts and skills related tothe holistic management of stress.

Instructors: Kris Beyer, Julie Bloomfield, Susan Guerriero, Payge Hadopp, Elizabeth Homan, Mike Killian, Judy Marry, Anthony Rana, Dr. Jim Scott, G. Matthew Stephens, Travis Winchell

Prerequisite: ENG 085