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If English is not your first (native) language, then you should begin with the COMPASS-ESL test. This is a computerized assessment of your skills in English reading, grammar, and listening.


  • Your score on COMPASS-ESL will help your advisor decide on the best courses for you.


  • English language support will be offered Fall Semester 2013


Course placement FAQ

ENG 080 (Section 44) - 4 credits

This course provides the most fundamental support for students who need to develop college-level reading skills. Students must show an ability to read some pre-college writing independently. They are provided with a structured approach to comprehending college-level writing. Student writing is a significant component

ENG 090 (Section 44) - 4 credits

This is an intensive course in composition for students who need supplementary help in writing. A personal approach helps students enhance their writing abilities, resolve writing problems and explore writing strategies. An end-of-semester portfolio is required.

Prerequisite: ENG 080

COM 031 (Section 44) - 4 credits

For more information please contact:

Susan M. Berendes-Wood
Associate Professor

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