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What to do During an Exam

  • Make sure you eat a light balanced meal about 45 minutes before. Your mind will be clearer.
  • Be on time - especially the day of the test. Come prepared.
  • Be clear on your instructor's expectations about which material will be on the test.
  • Accept the fact that perfection is not necessary. Getting a 4.0 is not necessary.
  • Breathe fully and relax. Regain control. Be positive. Remain focused.
  • Go with your first instinct when answering.
  • If you have difficulty with a question, make a mark in the margin to return to that one later. This way you avoid losing time for the questions that come easily to you.
  • For a chemistry or physics exam, skim the entire exam over quickly before you answer any question. Find the problems that you can answer with little or no effort and do those first. It will boost your confidence when you move on to more challenging problems. The easiest question may not be question #1.

Be realistic about expectations for yourself!