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Scholarship Information

Only ONE Application for 39 Different Grants

Why pay for college when you can go for free!

Want more information? Head to the JC Financial Aid Webpage or call them at 517-796-8410

Want easy money to pay for college?

In less than 30 minutes you could be eligible for many scholarships that will pay for your tuition!

Many different scholarship opportunities exist for science students at Jackson College. Each year, many thousands of dollars go to students who take the time to apply for it. Do you have to fill out forms? Yes. Do you have to be the smartest student in your class? Absolutely not! Do you have to qualify for federal aid to get a JC scholarship? No!

There are many scholarships at JC, both departmental and college wide. There are over 38 private scholarships, recognition of excellence scholarships and JC Board of Trustees Tuition Grants. These are available for current and future students of JC. Sometimes this money does not get spent because no one asks for it!

How easy is it to get the college wide scholarships? If you fill out just one application, you are considered for all of these scholarships. Scholarship amounts range from a few hundred dollars to full tuition! You may need to also fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Are you are currently a high school senior and would like to go to JC for free? You are also eligible for one of 16 departmental scholarships awarded each year that pay for full tuition for one year (and can be renewed for a second year) This scholarship is NOT based on financial need. Here is the departmental scholarship application.

If you have any questions, ask any member of the science faculty, or visit the Financial Aid Office in person (2nd floor of the Potter center), on the web or on the phone at  517-796-8410.

Only ONE Application for 39 Different Grants!