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Academic Deans

Annual Professional Responsibilities Report & Plan

Dept. Chair Self Eval


The APRP is the faculty self-reporting evaluation tool which is your opportunity to report what you have achieved in the current academic year and what you plan to accomplish in the next. The packet of your department’s APRPs and departmental goals is due to the Office of the Academic Deans by May 1st of each year. Annual faculty submit their Portfolio by February 1st.

The information is needed for such projects as Program Review, and for assessment purposes (student evaluation and course improvement), Strategic Planning, AQIP initiatives, and accreditation. To those ends, it is vital to describe roles and activities using measurable objectives. The academic deans use the APRPs to celebrate faculty achievement.

Please email the APRP to your department chair who reviews all the reports/ plans from the department and submits them, along with a summary report of the previous year and department goals, to the office of the academic deans by May 1st. The deans are committed to reviewing and responding to the APRPs in a timely fashion

Use the template below for activities and plans.

See ARTICLE X – Professional Growth, A through C, for contract language.


Annual Professional Responsibilities Report & Plan


I. Efforts That Support Teaching/Learning

  • How do your syllabi respond to ADOs?
  • Have you emailed your most current syllabi and office hours to the Office of the academic deans?
  • Have you submitted Student Outcomes (Success Tables requested once a year for each course) for your most current courses to the Faculty Assessment Committee?
  • Do your courses have current Course Reviews (reviewed every five years) on file with the Curriculum Committee?
  • Describe other roles and activities that belong in this category (service learning, diversity, use of technology, group work, etc)

II. Professional Development

Please name and categorize your professional development (including JCC Learning Days) activities in the following ways that are appropriate to you.

*Note that you’re not being asked to respond to all the categories, only to categorize your responses.

  • Diversity Training
  • Coursework
  • Technical Training
  • Discipline Based Conferences
  • Pedagogy
  • Service Learning
  • Mentoring
  • Advising
  • Other (specify)

III. Service to the Department and the College

Please name and categorize your service in the following ways that are appropriate to you:

  • Active involvement in an Academic Committee
  • Active involvement in department governance/meetings
  • Participation as a mentor for faculty
  • Involvement in College initiatives (Project Success Day, CIP, AQIP)
  • Active involvement with other College activities
  • Volunteering with College organizations (student groups, Adopt-a-Highway)
  • Ad Hoc Committee Member (i.e., Renovation design team)
  • Other (specify)

IV. Service to the Community

Please name and categorize your service in the following ways that are appropriate to you:

  • Membership in service organizations
  • Service to non-profit organizations
  • Work with educational institutions
  • Other (specify)

V. Student Evaluations

  • Indicate which student evaluation form you use (see Faculty Manual).

    If you use your own evaluation, please attach a copy of the form.

  • Summarize your conclusions about the student evaluations.
  • Indicate revisions you intend to make to your courses to improve student success based on the results you received.

VI. Use of Professional Responsibility Days

(11 days/77 clock hours)

Please describe how you use the time that is set aside for individual professional work.


Department Chair Self Evaluation Form

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