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Obtain a Contract

Contracts are issued through the Human Resources Department. Contact Nikki Thomsen at ext. 8460

College Closings

If one or all College locations are closed or classes are cancelled:
  1. The President will activate a notification system for members of the Administration (i.e. telephone tree).
  2. The message on the College's main phone number (517-787-0800) will be updated to provide information regarding the decision to close and/or cancel classes;
  3. Information will be posted on the JC website (, and e-mail messages sent to the JC employee and student e-mail accounts.
  4. When the College closes or cancels classes local TV and radio stations are notified (see JC website for current listing of stations). However, the College cannot guarantee that any station will broadcast the information.

Although the College cannot assure that any station will broadcast our schedule, these stations have been most cooperative in the past.

JC classes at Western High School

WHS will include JC class cancellation information via their phone hotline. Please call 517-841-8888, check the JCC website, or call the JCC switchboard for class cancellations at Western High School.

JC classes at Grass Lake High School

GLHS will offer JC classes even if their classes were cancelled earlier in the day. In the case of extreme weather conditions listen to the closings on area radio stations, local television stations, check the JC website or call the JC switchboard.

Access to Classrooms

Keys are not usually issued. For access to specific rooms contact your Building Secretary.

  • ID swipe cards are issued by:
  • Nikki Thomsen in HR at 517-796-8460
  • New Adjunct Orientation offered fall and spring term
  • JCC Security at 517-796-8620


Human Resources will give you a Parking tag when your contract and swipe cards are issued. Every Adjunct should receive one.  Replacement parking tags are distributed by Security.  Parking information.


If you are assigned to teach in more than one building and would like a mailbox in both buildings, please notify the Building Secretaries.

Student Rights & Responsibilities

Please see the Student Handbook.

E Mail

Once you have a signed contract, you will automatically be assigned an e-mail account. We are asking that you use the JCC email system so that students may contact you directly. If you have problems accessing it within a few days, contact Nikki Thomsen in HR. x 8460.

Log in to my account for the first time?

Your log-in is the first seven letters of your last name followed directly by the first seven letters of your first name, followed by your middle initial. Your default password is the first initial of your first name, the first initial of your last name, the day you were born, the last 2 digits of the year you were born and the last 4 digits of your employee ID number (found on your contract). You can also access your email online.

Class Rosters

Visit JCC’s web site at and then click on e-Services, click on Employees, and then click on My Class Rosters. Your Login is your JCC network login (7 letters of last name, 7 letters of first name, and middle initial and your password is your employee number until you change it). Then click on Semester and then select a class. Or see the secretary in the main office to get you information about classes or students in your particular classes.

Copies and Copy Center

One to ten copies can be made in your building. MORE THAN TEN COPIES should be sent to the Copy Center, Campus Services Building. 787-0800, 8276 Students may use copiers in BW 100 Library. Copy Center requests can be to Copy Center via electronic mail, inner office mail or drop off at the Campus Services Building.
Hours: Monday – Wednesday 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m; Thursday – Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Moodle - Technical questions about Moodle (JCC's Course Management System) please email: or call the Distance Learning office at 1-888-522-8744 or 517-796-8408. For one on one training contact Jessie Parsons at ext. 8604 or Mike Brinkman at ext. 8449.

Online Grading

Online grading is done through JCC’s e-services. Click on the e-services page, then employees and Online Grading under “My Classes”. Follow the instructions from there. Instructions for HQV Reporting Process.

Smart Classrooms

Rollabout carts have a computer,speakers and a projector available for classroom use. Contact your Building Secretary for instructions and reservations.

Reserve a computer lab - contact Jennifer Dobbs,, in the Information Technology Department or call ext. 8471
Notebook reservations

Class Cancellations

For Class Cancellations or change of meeting times or place, please notify the secretary in the Main Office along with your department chair. Adjunct Instructor Absence forms must be used for actual absences and/or substitute. Absences need to be made up usually by adding extra time onto class sessions.

Student Records Access & Privacy

Student Records Access & Privacy information is found under Registration & Records Service in the JCC Catalog.


Supplies may be obtained from your Building Secretary. Please discuss any special requests with her.

Audio Visual Equipment

Audio Visual Equipment is requested through Outlook. Click on the folder list icon at the bottom of the folder list on the left. Go to JCC Services and then AV services. Do “New” Post in this folder. Be sure to give the AV department ample time.

Special Accommodations for Students

Arrangements can be made through the Center for Student Success.

Please Do Not Switch Classrooms

If you need to make a room change or schedule another time for your class, please contact the Building Secretary. Also, if for any reason you hold your class anywhere other than your scheduled room (such as outside when it is warm), please put a notice on the door and let the secretary know where you can be located. Often students arriving late cannot find their class.

Payroll Issues

Payroll issues can be handled through the Business Office. Contact Marcia Fowle at 796.8146.


Emergencies Call 9-911. We now have life-saving Automated External Defibrillator (AED) machines installed on the Central Campus. For more information visit Campus Securtity's webpage.

Information Specific to Buildings

Walker Hall – Brandy Grajek x 8582

McDivitt Hall – Lana Wood x 8152

Fieldhouse – Sandy Orta x8248

Whiting Hall – Dott Znosko x 8610

Child Care

Child Care is available all year on JCC’s Central Campus.

Map of Buildings and Other Centers

Find Building and Center Maps.


Contact your Lead Faculty or the Building Secretary.

Grade Masters

Grade Masters for grade scanning are located in the main office of the buildings, as well as at the Centers. Scanning sheets for students answers are also available in the building offices.

Adjunct Faculty Offices

Adjunct Faculty Offices are located in each academic building. Building Secretaries can show you the location. Each office has computer access, desk space, and phones.


Lunch and Snacks are available in the main cafeteria in the Potter Center Monday through Friday. The McDivitt Cafe is open daily from 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. for hot dogs and snacks. Vending machines are available in all of the buildings.

Adjunct Evaluations

Adjunct evaluations come out of the Adjunct Administrator's office. Please direct your questions to Amy Zicafoose at 796-8678.


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