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Outline of Student Complaint Process

Student Complaint Form

Student Complaints/Academic

A student complaint is any non-civil rights related complaint generated by an individual student concerning the work-related activities of any faculty member (such as grade disputes). Each student complaint is processed separately unless the instructor involved agrees to meet with multiple students.

The following steps are required of students wishing to file a complaint:

1. Student Meets with Instructor

Students must initiate a conference, meaning a face-to face meeting scheduled in advance, with the instructor with whom they have a complaint no later than the end of the fourth week of the semester following the relevant incident/dispute. This timeline also applies to the change of grade process. One representative, who must be from JCC (a current student, instructor or administrator), may be requested by each party to participate in this scheduled informal meeting. At this conference the student must identify the concern(s) and propose a resolution.

2. Student Puts Complaint in Writing

If the conflict is not resolved in the conference between the student and instructor, the student, if he/she chooses to pursue the matter further must put the complaint in writing using the form provided and submit it to the Student Ombudsman located in the George Potter building, GP 211B or fax the complaint to 517.796.8477.

3. Department Chair Holds an Informal Hearing

The Department Chair will convene a meeting with the student and the instructor following the guidelines in the faculty manual. The department chair will conduct any necessary investigation prior to the meeting.

4. Complaint Submitted to Dean

If the student or instructor is unsatisfied with the results of the meeting with the Department Chair, the formal written complaint and the instructor’s written statement of facts as he/she understands them will be submitted to the supervising Dean. The Dean shall promptly provide the instructor and the Association President with a true and complete copy of the student’s written statement(s).

5. Dean Holds a Hearing

Within five (5) work days of the time the instructor and the Association should have received the copies of the student’s written statement(s), the Dean shall contact the instructor and the Association President to arrange a formal hearing. Parties of interest shall include the student, the student ombudsman (if the student so desires), the instructor, his/her Association representative and the Department Chair. Other individuals may be present at the hearing but they may not participate in the proceedings.

6. Issues a Resolution

Within five (5) work days after the hearing, the Dean will distribute a written resolution of the complaint to the student, instructor, the Association President and Student Ombudsman. The written resolution will state the facts as assessed by the Dean and indicate that appropriate action will be taken.

7. Appealed to the Appeal Reconsideration Board

In the event the student or the instructor is not satisfied with the Dean's disposition of the complaint, the disposition may be appealed to the Appeal Reconsideration Board by submitting the Appeal Reconsideration Request form to the Student Ombudsman within five (5) work days.

8. Student Unable to Travel to JCC Offices

If students are unable to travel to JCC offices, conferences or meetings between the parties involved at any step of this process can be held by conference call.