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Business Office

Payment Options

Students must do one of the following each semester:

Due date for payment, or acceptable payment arrangement, is January 13, 2016.  Students who do not have payment arrangement in place by the payment due date, risk losing the spot in the class(es) they have registered for. JC does not  guarantee that you will be dropped for non-payment. Dropping and withdrawing from courses is the responsibility of the student.

Financial Aid Students

Financial aid and scholarship students should enroll in a Pending Aid FACTS payment plan if your award package will not cover your balance in full.

The $30 non-refundable enrollment fee will not be assessed until your account with FACTS has been activated. Your payment plan will not be activated until after your financial aid transmits and only if your award does not pay your account balance in full.

If you have an outstanding balance after financial aid transmits, you will be notified by FACTS and given the option to either pay the balance in full or have the FACTS payment plan automatically activated.

Returned Check Policy

The Business Office will notify and bill you if your check is returned by the bank for non-sufficient funds. A $25 returned check fee will be assessed to your student account for each returned check.

Returned checks should be redeemed immediately. Students who submit two checks which are returned to the College from the bank or fail to redeem returned checks promptly will be denied check writing privileges and be placed on a “cash only” basis for future transactions with the College.