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Financial Aid

Online Student Loan Exit Counseling

Students who borrow under the Federal Stafford Loan Program are required to complete exit loan counseling shortly before graduating or otherwise leaving school.

The average JC borrower indebtedness of Federal Stafford Loan borrowers that graduated or withdrew from 7/1/09 through 6/30/10 was $9,891. Based on the amount of $9,891 borrowed at a 6.8 percent (%) interest rate, the monthly payment amount would be $113.83 under a 10-year standard repayment plan. For additional information regarding loan repayment options click here.

If you have any questions as you complete the counseling requirements, you may contact the financial aid office at 517.796.8410, or send e-mail to Financial Aid.

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You will need your FASA PIN to complete Exit Counseling.

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