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Office of Multicultural Affairs

College Preparedness Program

The Office of College Diversity has been entrusted with the important responsibility of serving the ongoing needs of the youth that make-up the College Preparedness Program (C.P.P.), formerly known as C.I.P. CPP will continue to address needs of our students with a renewed energy and commitment toward their academic successes and overall development and well-being.

The JC CPP Program offers Jackson County youth an opportunity for a college education and a brighter future. Students who are invited into the program are offered two years of free JC college tuition. Students are selected by their school, based on their ability to benefit from the program. The JC College Preparedness Program is eager to help students succeed, and we believe an important part of individual success is personal commitment from the student. With this in mind, we have outlined the CPP privileges and student responsibilities - equal parts of the CPP program.

Selection Criteria

  • Students who are on the list for free and reduced lunch program
  • Students who will potentially be the first generation college graduate
  • Students whose family environment presents challenges (such as single parent or foster home)


  • Two years of free college tuition at JC.
  • The opportunity to get an education for a good career.
  • The chance to complete two (2) years of college credits, then transfer to a four-year college or university.


  • Students must contact the CPP office if they have a change of address.
  • CPP students must participate in a minimal number of CPP activities during 7-12 grades
  • Students must participate in summer classes if not progressing at grade level in order to prepare for collegiate level classes upon graduation from high school.
  • Students must finish high school; a GED is not acceptable.
  • At the beginning of their senior year in high school, or within a year before students expect to enroll at JC, they must:
    • Follow the JC admissions process
    • Complete a financial aid form (FAFSA).
    • Meet with JC Student Financial Services personnel.
  • Students must begin classes at JC within two years of high school graduation, and before reaching age 20.
  • While at JC as a college student, you must maintain a 2.0 grade point average (about a C grade) and stay continuously enrolled in Fall and Winter semesters (Spring is optional).
  • Students must complete a minimum of six credits per semester.
  • Failure to complete the steps required for CPP eligibility and enrollment will result in no award posting to the students financial aid account. The student may have financial liability if they enroll in classes without properly activating their CPP award. Students can verify CPP award status in the Financial Aid record in e-services.


CPP scholarships may only be used by the person who received the certificates: it is not transferable.

CPP certificates may only be used at Jackson College.

All other financial assistance (federal and state aid) are used before CPP scholarships are used.

CPP certificates cover tuition only - up to 63 credit hours or the number required to complete the stated curriculum.

CPP certificates do not cover books, fees, transportation, daycare, supplies or Continuing Education (CE) classes. However, students are encouraged to work with Student Financial Services Office to see if there are resources to help with expenses.

Students cannot enroll in JC before their graduating class, even if they have finished high school requirements.

Upon graduation from high school and each year the student attends JC all CPP Students are REQUIRED to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If your family income, according to FAFSA Calculation, exceeds $75,000, this CPP scholarship may be reduced or eliminated.

Students must attend CPP New Student Orientation.

If you require additional information concerning issues of diversity and inclusion as it relates to JC please contact the Office of College Diversity at 517.796.8470.