Financial Aid Refunds

Have you signed up for e-Checks (automatic deposit)? Get your refund almost a week sooner by going to your e-Services account under Financial Information and clicking on “e-Checks Signup.”

Winter 2016 Refund Information

Expected PELL Grant refund dates for full semester (15-week) courses:

  • e-Checks – Automatically deposited by February 2nd
  • Paper Checks – Mailed by February 5th

Expected Loan refund dates for students registered in six or more credits that are full semester (15-week) courses. Students receiving loans for both fall and winter will only receive one disbursement in February. Students receiving a loan in the winter semester only will have two disbursements, one in February and one in  March. For those students receiving two disbursements, a refund may not be generated after the first disbursement in February.

First Disbursement

  • e-Checks – Automatically deposited by February 23rd
  • Paper Checks – Mailed by February 26th

Second Disbursement

  • e-Checks – Automatically deposited by March 22nd
  • Paper Checks – Mailed by March 25th

Late starting classes

Students enrolled in late start classes can expect to receive their refund approximately two weeks after your latest starting classes’ drop date.

In the event that you need to request a reissuance of a financial aid refund check, please read the important information below:

  • Paper checks are sent via USPS mail and can take up to ten (10) business days for delivery.
  • The Business Office will reissue a check no sooner than ten (10) business days after the check date unless the College has received the check back in return mail.
  • You may be charged a $25 processing fee for the reissuance of a check prior to the ten (10) day wait period.
  • When a check is returned to the Business Office, Jackson College will make an attempt to contact you. In the event that there is a forwarding address, the College will send the check in the mail to the forwarding address.
  • Please be sure that Jackson College has your current address. Details on updating your directory information can be found on the Student Services webpage.
  • Once a check has been reissued, the original check will be voided. If you cash or deposit the original check, you will be liable for all costs incurred by your financial institution.
  • Please allow up to one week for processing a reissuance of a financial aid refund check.


Questions pertaining to your financial aid award can be directed to our Financial Aid Office at 517.796.8410.

Questions regarding your financial aid refund date can be directed to our Accounts Receivable Clerk/Cashier at 517.796.8420