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Information Technology    



New Services and Service Reminders

College Account Reminders

Computer Classrooms


·         HP Ultrabook Classroom

·         Quiet Space

·         Microsoft Campus Agreement (MCA)

·         Adobe Software

·         Remote Access

·         Managed Print Services (MPS) and Multi-function Peripherals (MFP)

·         JCC-WiFi

·         College Wireless Services


·         JC Self Service Reset Password Management (SSRPM)

·         Electronic Network Service Accounts for Employees

·         Electronic Network Service Accounts for Students

·         Incompletes

·         JC Student Mail


·         Notebook  Computers in the Learning Studios

·         Notebook Computers for Check out

·         Instructional Stations

·         Broken or Non-Functioning Equipment

·         Learning Studio Supplies



New Services and Service Reminders

HP Ultrabook Classroom

Information Technology replaced older HP notebooks with new HP Spectre Ultrabooks in WA216. We are piloting these as possible replacements for all HP Notebooks because of their size, lower cost, and ease of mobility.  Users shouldn’t see any difference in what is installed on the HP Spectre’s versus the other current notebooks.


There are differences in some of the hardware features of the HP Spectre’s that you will notice. These differences shouldn’t affect the student’s usage of the notebook.
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Quiet Space

In response to the student Winter Lab Survey, WA210 has been taken offline as a computer classroom in order to provide a quiet space for students to study or work on classwork during the busy times in William Atkinson (WA) Information Commons (Library). Students can check out notebooks from the Library and take them to WA210 or they can bring their own computers if they wish to have computer access. Information Technology student consultants will be present in the room during busy times to provide assistance to those using JC computers.
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Microsoft Campus Agreement (MCA)

The Microsoft Campus Agreement (MCA) software is no longer available for checkout at the JC Library.  Unfortunately, we are unable to continuously checkout the software due to vendor licensing key changes.  The good news is that JC Employees can purchase Microsoft Office Professional 2013 for the PC or Mac for just $9.95!  The Microsoft Software Assurance Home Use Program (HUP) gives JC employees the opportunity to own the software for a long as they are employed by JC.


For more information please visit: Use Code: 8DD2A423AD
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Adobe Software

Adobe Design and Web Creative Suite 6 is now available for student use on 17 student computers in the Information Commons. These computers have signs indicating which computers have the software installed so students can easily identify them.


Five concurrent licenses of Adobe Pro will be available for JC Employees on their JC computers.
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Remote Access

Remote Access Service gives JC Employees the ability to access many JC services from off site.


From a JC or personal computer the employee can remotely connect to  This server provides access to the JC Home Directory (G: drive), JC Shares (Q: drive), Microsoft Office 2010, Colleague, and Astra Scheduling.   Software applications are limited on this server; standard classroom software such as Adobe Creative Suite or academic software is not available.


All JC faculty and administration currently have access to the Remote1 server.  Classified/Technical personnel need to contact Human Resources to request offsite access.  All Classified/Technical personnel have access onsite to the Remote1 server.

There are 25 concurrent licenses available. Once the user limit has been reached, others will not be able to connect.  Please be courteous of your time spent using this service as others may be trying to access at the same time. 


The following link provides documentation on how to access the Remote1 server.  Information Technology cannot provide support for personal computers.  Troubleshooting will consist of verifying the service is working and accessible to others.  Please note that this service is not available for JC Students.
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Managed Print Services (MPS) and Multi-function Peripherals (MFP)

All JC MPSs and MFPs are serviced by AOS.  AOS monitors the printers for device errors, sends technical support within 1 business day, and provides an inventory of stocked printers to be able to quickly swap out broken printers.  JC users should contact AOS directly for service and support.

AOS Email:
AOS Phone: 1-800-346-6920

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JCC-WiFi is the wireless network for personally owned devices.  This allows the user to connect and authenticate once to the JC wireless network and validate the server certificate.  After this initial connection set-up to JCC- WiFi the device will no longer need to pass through the JC wireless portal each time the Web Browser is launched on the JC wireless network.


Wireless FAQs on how to set-up the JCC-WiFi connection is available at:


Configuration files are also available.  Using the configuration file, appropriate for your operating system, will allow you to bypass the set-up steps above.  Users can download this file from the web site.


iOS (Apple) devices can also use this configuration profile.  This includes JC owned iOS devices. 

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College Wireless Service

Wireless access is available to all JC Students, future students, employees, and guests.  Access levels are specified based on the user’s role.  Most buildings now have wireless service. 


Vendors and presenters will need access to a wireless account in order to access the wireless network.  Please contact the JC Solution Center if you need an account for your vendor or presenter.
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College Account Reminders

JC Self Service Reset Password Management (JCC SSRPM)

Information Technology provides a self-service password management system called JCC Self Service Reset Password Management. Current JC students, student employees, and employees have the ability to reset their password 24/7.


JC SSRPM allows students the ability to manage their network services account password which controls access to:


•JC Computers



The JC SSRPM service requires you to complete a quick 3-step enrollment process. More information is available on the Information Technology website at


Note: This service will not reset your My Student Email password. If you know your My Student Email password and would like to change it please visit to manage your account. If you do not know your password and need to have it reset please contact the JC Solution Center at (517) 796-8639 to have your password manually reset.
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Electronic Network Service Accounts for Employees

All faculty, full-time or adjunct, receive the following electronic access:


  • Network account allowing access to JC computers, an array of software, and a personal folder to store limited materials

  • JetNet course site for each class taught

  • Employee Groupware account for email, calendaring, and task management

  • e-Services account allowing access to course rosters, online grading and HR information


Course materials on JetNet are accessible for students and instructors throughout a semester. 
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Electronic Network Service Accounts for Students

All JC students receive the following electronic access:


  • Network account allowing access to JC computers, an array of software, and a personal folder to store limited materials

  • JetNet course site for each class taken

  • My Student email account

  • e-Services account allowing access to register for classes and to view class schedules, grades, unofficial transcripts, and current student profiles


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Previously enrolled students finishing an incomplete grade under the direction of an instructor will be given an account when the instructor makes a request to the Solution Center.  The request must include student’s full name and student ID number.  Requests for JetNet access for incompletes must also be directed to the Solution Center.
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JC Student Email

All JC Students have a My Student Email account, hosted by Microsoft..  They can access their email by going to the JC Home Page and clicking on E-mail on the top of the page. 


Go to for instructions on how to login.  Additional My Student Email information is available at:


Please Note:  My Student Email accounts and JC Network Service accounts (local login, e-Services, JetNet) are not the same.  Once the password is changed for one account it will no longer match the other account.

More information regarding student email enhancements will be coming out soon.

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 Computer Classrooms


Notebook Computers in the Learning Studios:

Extra power supplies are on the notebook racks next to each notebook. Sometimes the battery life in the notebook is not sufficient to power the notebook for the entire class period. In the case the battery runs out, there are enough power supplies for each student to be able to plug into the electrical floor/wall outlets.

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Notebook Computers for Check-out:

Notebook computers in the Information Commons are available for check-out by students. Some students are still unaware of this, see the IC full, and walk away without asking for assistance in finding a computer.  Please remind them to ask for assistance with finding a computer. Notebook checkout requires a State issued ID and a JC library card.

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Instructional Stations:

Instructional stations should be set-up to work when you enter (your convenience) and set back to this default when you leave (convenience of the next instructor). The equipment at the instructor station is not meant to be moved around. Please be courteous to those that need to use the room after you.

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Broken or Non-functioning Equipment:

Please have back-up plan for instructional needs should the equipment in your room not be functioning. Please contact Scheduling if you need to move to another location.

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Learning Studio Supplies:
 Items such as paper, dry erase makers and erasers are supplied and monitored by the Building Coordinator. Please contact them if there is something you need for your classroom or something is running low. Toner for the printers are monitored and supplied by AOS. If your printer runs out of toner please contact the Solution Center.

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