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My Network Services Default Password

Your default password is the first letter of your first name CAPITALIZED, the first letter of your last name in lowercase, two digits of your day of birth (not month), the last two digits of your birth year and the last four digits of your Student I.D.

Default Password Example

Where do I find my ID number?

Your Student ID number is available on your student paperwork (acceptance letter, student bill, printed class schedule, etc). You may also visit any Student Services location.  A valid state issued picture ID is required for release of your Student ID number. If you are an employee, your Employee ID number is available through the Human Resources Office.

Should I change my default password?

Yes, you should change your default password. When you change your password you must use a complex password. Please visit the password requirements section for more information on complex passwords.

How do I change my password?

To manage your JC network services password, sign up for our self service reset password management (SSRPM) service. For more information and to register, visit:

What if I have a problem changing my password?

If you encounter any problems, please call the JC Solution Center at 796-8639. Requests for a password change requires a state issued picture ID. ID number requests must be obtained through Student Services (students) or Human Resources (employees) and will require a state issued picture ID.

Why is password security important?

As a JC Student and/or JC Employee you have access to many resources on the JC network. In order to gain access to these resources you must prove your identity to get into the system. Part of that identity is providing a password along with your username. If your password was accessed by another person (intruder) that intruder would not only be able to represent themselves as you, they would also be able to access and/or destroy all of your electronic files. Once access has been gained into your account the entire JC network is then at risk. If the intruder had enough knowledge and experience they could then access other computers and systems on the network which in turn could cause a major security breach.

Where do I find my Username?

Your Username is the first seven letters of your last name, the first seven letters of your first name, and your middle initial. No spaces. No punctuation. You can look up your username at What is my username?