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Information Technology

Reload Process

  1. Notify the Solution Center that you are encountering problems and would like your computer to be reloaded.
    • All additional software not already covered in the standard load that is desired to be on the computer must be requested explicitly.
  2. A technician will contact you to schedule a time for the reload to occur and send you the proper forms to sign.
  3. Move any documents you may have saved on your hard drive to your network home directory (G:\My Documents) before the scheduled reload time.
  4. Once your computer has been picked up, an image will be created of your hard drive.
  5. The standard load will be loaded onto your computer including any additional software requested.
  6. The computer will be delievered with the proper forms stating that it has been tested for functionality.
  7. Notify the Solution Center if you continue to encounter problems after your computer has been reloaded.