Humanities is an interdisciplinary subject area that incorporates the arts, language and literature, history, philosophy, religion, ethics, and more humanistic aspects of the social sciences.

Jackson College offers individual courses that can transfer to four-year institutions, fulfill core requirements in a associate degree program and enrich your understanding of the human experience.

Humanities Courses

HUM 131 Cultural Connections (3 CR)

This interdisciplinary course examines contemporary issues, their human and technological components, and their historical precedents through art, music, literature and philosophy.

Prerequisites: ENG 085 and ENG 131

 HUM 250 Studies in Leadership (3 CR)

The course provides emerging and existing leaders the opportunity to explore the concept of leadership and to develop and improve their leadership skills. The course integrates readings from the humanities, experiential exercises, films and contemporary readings on leadership.

Prerequisite: FYS 150