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Atkinson Library

Frequently Asked Questions

Visiting the Library

Where is JC's Library located?

Atkinson Library is in William Atkinson (WA) Hall on the main campus.

What are the Library’s hours?

The library is open 7 days a week. Visit the Library Hours page for a complete schedule, including special hours for breaks and holidays.

How many items does the Library own?

The Library collection includes access to hundreds of electronic resources, plus almost 50,000 volumes, more than 250 magazine and journal subscriptions, visual and sound recordings.

Can I get a tour of the Library?

Specialized class tours may be scheduled in advance by contacting the Library Director (517-796-8682). The Library also provides tours for individuals upon request.

Where can I get general help?

The staff at the Reference and Circulation Desks in the Library can direct you in general use of the Library, to locations of services in the Library, and to other locations in the building.

Where can I park when I come to the Library?

Public parking is available in the lot next to Atkinson Hall south of the Library off Browns Lake Road. There is also a permit-only section of this lot reserved for vehicles with faculty/staff parking permits. View the campus map here.

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Using the Library

What type of ID do I need to get a library card? Check out a book?

While independent, the JC Library is closely aligned with Jackson District Library, sharing a joint Library Catalog. Additionally, the JC Library card is a Jackson District Library card and gives users access to all the resources and materials available at the JC Library and all JDL library locations.

All registered JC students and Jackson County residents are eligible for library cards to check out materials. A Michigan driver's license or Michigan state picture ID should be presented at Circulation. Students and faculty at the Hillsdale and LISD-Tech centers and Distance Education students who need library cards can print and complete the application form and instructions, email the Library, or call 517-787-0800 x8352.

What is the Library Fine Policy?

Library users are encouraged to return materials on time or renew them to avoid fine accumulation. The Jackson District Library Fine & Fees Policy outlines the fine and fee structure. As long as fines are $10.00 and under, users may still checkout materials. When the $10.00 limit is reached, circulation privileges are blocked. For more information or assistance with material renewal, contact the Library Circulaton Desk, 517-796-8622 or watch this helpful material renewal video.

What is the Library’s Food and Drink Policy?

Food and drink in the Library are permitted. Wava Joe's, a coffee bar, is located in the Library and is open Monday-Thursday, 7:30am-3pm. Users are kindly asked to dispose of all trash properly.

Where are the Elevators? Restrooms?

The elevators are located in the main hallway. Restrooms are located on the north end of the main hallways on both the first and second floors.

Does the library have current/daily newspapers that I can read?

Current newspapers from a select number of Michigan and U.S. cities are available across from the magazine shelving.

Where can I make a suggestion to the library?

Library users may submit written suggestions to any Reference Librarian. Suggestions need not be signed; signed suggestions may receive individual responses.

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Using Computers in Atkinson Library

Does the library have computers that I can use to access the Symphony library catalog or Electronic Resources? Surf the Internet? To type a paper?

Yes. There are 50 computers, both Windows and Apple, located throughout the Library. In addition, students with a JC Library card can check out laptops for use within the building. A state-issued ID is also needed. Laptops are checked out at the Library Circulation Desk.

For computers anywhere else on campus, see the Info Tech page, or visit the IT Information Desk next to the Library’s Reference Desk.

Does any location on campus offer wireless network access?

All campus locations currently offer wireless network access to JC students, staff, and faculty.

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Library Services

Does the library own DVDs, videos and other multimedia materials?

The Library owns many items in non-print formats. Check the online catalog for the items you need.

Where is the Lost and Found?

Personal items found in the Library are held at the I.T. Help Desk.

Does the library have any calculators I can use?

There are two calculators with basic functions available to use in the library for four hours.

Are there any supplies available for sale in the library?

No. Visit the Campus Bookstore in the Potter Center for the purchase of supplies.

Where do I get materials on Reserve for a course?

Come to the Circulation Desk. Most items circulate for only two hours, although some may be checked out for longer periods. An active student or faculty/staff library card is required for checking out materials. In the Online Catalog, the location for reserve materials is noted as Course Reserves.

Does the Main Library have ACT, GRE, or other practice exams?

Yes; search the Online Catalog for the specific exam you need. You can also find practice exams in the Michigan eLibrary (MeL) collection.

Does the Library have TOEFL practice exams?

You can find practice TOEFL exams in the Michigan eLibrary (MeL) collection.

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Printing and Copying Services

Where are there copy machines?

A self-service, coin operated copy machine is located near the east end of the Reference Desk.

How much does it cost to make a copy? How do I pay for my copies?

The cost for all coin-operated machines is 10 cents per copy. Copiers take quarters, dimes, or nickels.

Where can I get change for the copy machines or telephones?

Change and refunds for coin-operated copy machines is available at the Circulation Desk.

Where do I pick up printouts from Library computers?

The printer for Library computer printouts is located near the east end of the Reference Desk. There is a Print Release Station to release your print jobs from before they will print. Problems with the printer can be addressed to the IT student worker staffing the IT Information Desk.

Atkinson Library, JC • 2111 Emmons Road • Jackson, Michigan 49201-8399 • Phone: 517.796.8622  • Email