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The JCC Web Site -

The JCC web site is a fantastic resource for information, communication and connection with students and the community. The overall layout and style of the site is maintained by the marketing department. The following guidelines are intended to preserve the continuity of the web site.

Departmental Sites

Any office or department of the college will be granted a section of the web site for their specific purposes upon request, provided they support the mission and goals of the college. The Solution Center, as well as the marketing department, will be available to assist in creating and maintaining every section of the web site, although each department or office is responsible for keeping track of changes and outdated information. Appointment of a departmental/office web coordinator is strongly recommended.


As with print publications, web publishing takes time to prepare, design and proof before the finished version can be ready for viewing. It is important to maintain communication with everyone involved.


One key difference between print and web publishing is cost. Because JCC hosts and maintains the web site on campus grounds there is no additional cost for hosting, creation or maintenance beyond current IT and facilities budgets and salaries for staff. Additional costs may occur when the creation of photographic or other printable materials is requested as part of the section’s content. Usually these coincide with other marketing projects already in production. Please be sure to ask the marketing department about any foreseeable costs.


Although the Internet is a nearly instantaneous medium, the creation and maintenance of content still requires time to output. If no area web coordinator is available to maintain a department or office site, the marketing department will fill the role. In this case, two types of deadlines have been established:

  1. Content updates - 1 week
    These include simple text, link, photo and minor graphical changes. These can be requested via email, phone or in person and do not necessarily require any discussion beyond final approval. In some cases updates can me made within a few hours, depending on the nature and the amount.
  2. Entire site creation or reorganization - 4 weeks minimum
    If a section does not currently exist, or needs to be entirely reorganized it will require more than a quick email or phone call. If all of the content is in order beforehand, site creation or reorganization should only take a few weeks. Generally, this is not the case. At least one meeting with the department head, area web coordinator and the marketing department web designer is necessary and communication between these parties during the whole process is paramount.

In order for the web site to function properly as a resource for information and communication, organization is important. It is a good idea to make copies, notes, outlines or flowcharts of desired changes before contacting the marketing department.


To make access to a section of the site easier, a URL can be created upon request. This URL, or web address, will be a direct link to the department or office section and can be used in print publication. It would be in the following format:



A template for the official JCC web page layout will be provided with each section of the site. It can be found in the main folder for the section, on the web server, under the filename “template.htm.” To use this template, open the file, make your changes and be sure to save it under a new filename. If not, your changes will be saved to the original template. If you should need a new copy, it is available through the marketing department section of the site:


Changes can be made to both types of templates by contacting and discussing them with the marketing department.


A standard set of styles is defined for the entire web site. These styles dictate appearance of text, color and alignment and help maintain the usability of the web site. They will automatically apply to every web page and section unless overridden by individual changes. Adhering to these styles is recommended, though not necessarily required. Variations can be made for special or unusual content. Please contact the marketing department if you have questions about changing these styles.