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Quality & Institutional Effectiveness

Operational Flow Chart

Process Management Model

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PDF documentPMC Team Charter

Process Management

The Process Management Committee shall recommend and facilitate process management strategies to achieve the college’s vision.


  • Research and recommend best practice for process management and improvement that includes clear expectations for process documentation and cross-functional planning
  • Review and support the College’s process improvement strategy (Including AQIP required Action Projects)
  • Recommend a prioritization process (rubric) and oversee its implementation in making recommendations for improvement initiatives.
  • Monitor annual accreditation plan (Inclusive of all institutional/program level accreditation goals) and disseminate information about accreditation results
  • Participate in the review and development of policies and procedures required to support the process management purpose and goals
  • Provide draft materials and information, for related sections, to support completion of the institution’s annual Systems Portfolio Update/Michigan Quality Leadership Program MQLP/Baldrige Performance Excellence Program BPEP update/application.
  • Complete an annual assessment of committee effectiveness and provide recommendations to the Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Council including information to support strategic planning
  • Provide routine communications on actions taken and progress made to all levels of the College community.


Maleana Annabel 12-06-10
Marcie Clone 12-06-10
Jeff Whipple 08-23-12
Rob Harris 08-23-12
Katie Fall 12-06-10
Matthew Fall
Helen Grim 10-08-11
Linda Hoard 12-06-10
Michael Masters 12-06-10
Rick Smith 12-06-10
Tim Upham 12-06-10

Meeting Materials

09-18-12 AgendaMinutes
08-21-12 Agenda Minutes
07-12-12 Agenda Minutes
06-14-12 Agenda Minutes
05-10-12 AgendaMinutes
04-12-12 AgendaMinutes

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