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Quality & Institutional Effectiveness

Strategic Planning & Institutional Effectiveness Council

Operational Flow Chart

SPIEC Operational Flow Chart

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PDF documentSPIEC Team Charter


  • Research and recommend best practice for strategic planning
  • Define and recommend a strategic planning framework
  • Recommend and monitor the institutions overarching quality framework.
  • Establish the annual strategic planning timeline
  • Define the process an expectations for program/department level strategic/operational plan development
  • With the Workforce Committee, define the process for individual level strategic involvement and engagement
  • Establish plan performance monitoring
  • With the Process Management Committee, identify, prioritize and deploy process improvement initiatives
  • Provide draft materials and information, for related sections, to support completion of the institution's annual Systems Portfolio Update/ MQLP/BNQA update/ application.
  • Completes an annual assessment of committee effectiveness and provides recommendations and information to support strategic planning


Cindy Allen 11-23-10
Todd Butler 11-29-10
Kristen Buttigieg 11-23-10
Dan Phelan 11-23-10
Steve Geiersbach 11-23-10
Jason Valente 11-23-10
Amanda Janes 11-23-10
Rebekah Woods 11-23-10
Suzanne Kiess 04-27-12
Jon Powell 04-25-12
Jennifer Dobbs 04-25-12
Shannon Fischer 04-24-12
Shirin Timms 10-25-11
Jim Jones 11-23-10

Meeting Materials

08-24-12 AgendaMinutes
07-27-12 Agenda Minutes
06-27-12 Agenda Minutes
04-25-12 Agenda Minutes

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