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Quality & Institutional Effectiveness

Strategic Planning Council


  • Research and recommend best practice for strategic planning
  • Define and recommend a strategic planning framework
  • Recommend and monitor the institutions overarching quality framework.
  • Establish the annual strategic planning timeline
  • Define the process an expectations for program/department level strategic/operational plan development
  • With the Workforce Committee, define the process for individual level strategic involvement and engagement
  • Establish plan performance monitoring
  • With the Process Management Committee, identify, prioritize and deploy process improvement initiatives
  • Provide draft materials and information, for related sections, to support completion of the institution's annual Systems Portfolio Update/ MQLP/BNQA update/ application.
  • Completes an annual assessment of committee effectiveness and provides recommendations and information to support strategic planning


Dr. Daniel Phelan
Cindy Allen
Ashley Banks
Ronald Betzig
Dr. Todd Butler
Dale Dopp
Shannon Fischer
Kristi Hottenstein
Sara Johnson
Darrell Norris
Jon Powell
Shirin Timms
Jason Valente
Dr. Rebekah Woods