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Quality & Institutional Effectiveness

Workforce Model

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Team Charter

Workforce Focused Committee


  • Research and recommend best practice for workforce engagement and satisfaction
  • In conjunction with the Office of Human Resources recommends an Annual Plan for Human Resources inclusive of capacity assessment, succession planning and competency review.
  • Establish workforce behavior standards
  • Review and recommend content and format for annual performance evaluation and workforce competency reviews
  • Establish guidelines and recommend an annual plan for professional development
  • Recommend and provide oversight to the college‚Äôs employee recognition programs
  • With the Strategic Planning & Institutional Effectiveness Committee, define the process for individual level strategic involvement and engagement
  • Review information (Voice of the Employee) and recommend strategies to support employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Participate in the review and development of policies and procedures required to support the workforce focus purpose and goals


The Workforce Focused Committee consists of the following members:

Ellen Young 05-19-11
Marianne George 11-17-10
Becky Belter 10-08-11
Brandy Grajek 11-17-10
Julie Hand 11-17-10
Chris Demarco 11-17-10
Patty Benson 11-17-10
Tina Matz 11-17-10
Matt Fall
Alana Tuckey 05-19-11

Meeting Materials

08-14-12Agenda Minutes
07-24-12Agenda Minutes
06-19-12Agenda Minutes
05-15-12Agenda Minutes
04-17-12 Agenda Minutes
03-20-12 Agenda Minutes

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