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Quality & Institutional Effectiveness

2014 Employee Survey Results

The Employee Opinion Survey was conducted in the Fall of 2014 to gauge how Jackson College employees feel about their work and their workplace. This survey was designed to be taken anonymously in order to encourage employees to participate and to provide candid responses to the survey questions. In the process of analyzing the results of this survey the Workforce Focus Committee compared the results of employees who voluntarily identified themselves as Faculty, Administrators and Classified Technical Staff with the overall results which also included respondents who voluntarily identified themselves as Adjuncts as well as those who chose to remain anonymous. Both sets of results are provided here to encourage employees' engagement with each other about the Employee Opinion Survey. Any of the members of the Workforce Focus Committee will be happy to answer questions about the survey and these results, so please feel free to contact them. A list of these committee members can also be found on this web page.

Both of the results documents provided here contain three sections. The first section shows the average response for each survey question broken down by specific groups. The second section shows the average response for those survey questions which are comparable to survey questions asked in previous years. The third section contains a list of all the open-ended questions on the survey and the responses which have been categorized by the topic.

Workforce Model

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Team Charter

Workforce Focused Committee


  • Research and recommend best practice for workforce engagement and satisfaction
  • In conjunction with the Office of Human Resources recommends an Annual Plan for Human Resources inclusive of capacity assessment, succession planning and competency review.
  • Establish workforce behavior standards
  • Review and recommend content and format for annual performance evaluation and workforce competency reviews
  • Establish guidelines and recommend an annual plan for professional development
  • Recommend and provide oversight to the college’s employee recognition programs
  • With the Strategic Planning & Institutional Effectiveness Committee, define the process for individual level strategic involvement and engagement
  • Review information (Voice of the Employee) and recommend strategies to support employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Participate in the review and development of policies and procedures required to support the workforce focus purpose and goals


The Workforce Focused Committee consists of the following members:

Cindy Allen – Chair
Joyce Dunbar 8/13/15
Tina Matz 12/19/12
Mark Ott 12/19/12
Sandra Phelan 10/7/14
Becky Roberts 10/8/11
Elias Samuels 10/14/14
Alana Tuckey 11-17-10
Kelly Williams 10/1/13
Ellen Young 5/19/11

Meeting Materials

11-12-15Agenda Minutes
10-08-15Agenda Minutes
09-10-15Agenda Minutes
08-13-15Agenda Minutes
07-09-15Agenda Minutes
05-14-15Agenda Minutes
04-23-15Agenda Minutes
10-16-14Agenda Minutes
08-14-14Agenda Minutes
06-19-14Agenda Minutes
05-08-14Agenda Minutes
03-13-14 Agenda Minutes
02-06-14 Agenda Minutes
08-14-12Agenda Minutes
07-24-12Agenda Minutes
06-19-12Agenda Minutes
05-15-12Agenda Minutes
04-17-12 Agenda Minutes
03-20-12 Agenda Minutes