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Security Internship Program

The safety/security officer intern program kicked off in 2003-'04 on the Jackson Community College campus. These students are participating in hands-on training as safety/security officer interns through classroom and patrol activity experience.

Safety/security interns provide high visibility throughout campus, in fixed and roving positions, with an emphasis on personal contact and service, not law enforcement. Their training equips them with natural surveillance skills for an assortment of situations.

These uniformed members of security assist in providing a wide range of security duties, including: preventative patrols; recording and reporting of any crime and/or damage to any College property or persons; enforcement of the College’s parking and other regulations. They are trained to provide assistance in first aid response and conflict resolution.

For more information regarding the safety/security officer interns program at JCC, contact Jeff Whipple, campus safety officer, at 517.796.8683 or Tom Fleming, professor, at 517.796.8525.

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What We Do...


  • Enforces the Summit Township parking ordinance, traffic and pedestrian ordinance. Issues parking tickets as necessary.
  • When required, provides court testimony in both informal and formal hearings at the 12th District Court.
  • Assists students, staff and visitors by providing battery jumps. For unlock services, we will contact Phelps Towing at a cost of $30.
  • Answers incoming phone calls, relaying requested information or taking necessary messages when appropriate. Delivers emergency messages on campus.
  • Maintains radio and telephone communications with the physical plant as necessary.
  • Handles walk-in requests for service from the public.
  • Explains the Safety/Security Department's policies and procedures as necessary.
  • Directs traffic during special events.
  • Provides assistance in emergency situations (setting flares, directing ambulances and other emergency services personnel to the location, provides crowd control, etc.).
  • Provides motorized and foot escorts on campus as requested.
  • Hand delivers important documents
  • Assists the safety/security specialist during emergency and other events on campus as specifically ordered.
  • Maintains confidentiality regarding information and/or incidents related to the position.
  • Provide CPR or AED assistance in the case of an emergency.
  • Performs other duties as specifically assigned.

Equipment Used

  • Steamlight Stingers flashlight
  • Vertex 210, 16 channel scannable radio
  • Uncle Mikes nylon duty belt with included accessories
  • Smith and Wesson M-100 handcuffs
  • American Red Cross pocket pack CPR face mask
  • Fox Labs OC pepper spray, 2 oz.(56 grams) can.
    • contains 2% Oleoresin Capsicum (OC @ 5.3 million SHU)
  • Dedicated Micros campus video surveillance system:
    • fixed and PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom)
    • spot monitors
    • can be viewed on any campus computer with the proper installed program, which eliminates a separate room for security camera viewing.
  • Uniform which consists of:
    • khaki pants (for spring, summer and fall)
    • navy/black pants (for winter)
    • polo shirt/long sleeve shirt with JCCSS logo
    • black shoes
    • windbreaker/winter jacket with JCCSS logo

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