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Student Government

Student Government Constitution & By-Laws

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Article I: Name

The name of this organization shall be JC Student Government and it serves the Jackson  College Student Association (JCSA). All registered JC students are members of JCSA.

Article II: Membership

Student Government Representatives will be appointed by way of an application and interview process. A selection committee comprised of the Assistant Dean of Student Life and Athletic Director, one faculty member, one staff member and two student representatives. The student representatives shall be selected by the Assistant Dean and will represent the interests of recognized student organizations, campus housing and athletics. The committee will select the top four candidates to comprise the Student Government Executive Council (EC).

Each Campus organization will be represented by one group member to attend all formal Student Government meetings. This individual will have voting rights and will represent the best interest of their campus organization.

Advisor: is defined as the following: Any faculty member, administrator or staff member who has agreed to support and act in all of an organization’s meetings, events or other activities as an advisor to the group and simultaneously maintains the best interests of Jackson College itself.

Committee Chairpersons will be selected by the EC to further on-going Student government initiatives.

Article III: Purpose

Jackson College Student Government Executive Council recognizes the diverse student population that is the living fabric of Jackson College. The JC student government executive council acknowledges its purpose to be building an interactive community amongst the traditional student population and non-traditional student population as well as serving in their best interests. The student government endeavors to achieve this goal through way of providing opportunities that are of an engaging and educational nature; and by improving existing opportunities for students to better both themselves and their institution.

Article IV: Authority

The Jackson College Student Government Executive Council is advised and led by the director of student life and may approach the assistant dean of athletics, housing, student life and judicial affair for further council when necessary. The Executive Council reports directly to the Board of Trustees. Its authority extends over the entire JCSA

Article V: Executive Council (EC) & Committee Chairperson Responsibilities

Student Government consists of the following seats. In addition, descriptions are provided for each position. No position is considered higher than another, nor does any individual position contain any privileges or voting rights that are not extended to any other position. These descriptions are intended to be brief summaries of partial responsibilities of each position and are not intended to be all inclusive. Positions may expand over the course of the school year as is needed.

Section 1: EC Chair Head of Event Coordination

The head of event coordination will be responsible for coordinating with all necessary Jackson College departments, Executive council members, individuals, business or other entities in order to create and execute planned events or initiatives accepted by the Jackson College Student Government Executive Council.

Section 2: EC Chair Head of Marketing and Advertisement

The head of marketing and advertising will be responsible for updating the Student Government and Student Life portions of the Jackson College website. Additionally this chair is responsible for coordinating with the marketing department of Jackson College to advertise for any event, student government initiative or vacancy. This chair at times may be asked to contact outside advertising media’s to provide advertisement to the community for Jackson College Student Government Executive Council initiatives and events.

Section 3: EC Chair Treasurer

The head of finance will be responsible for making presentations on the current state of the Student life fund, fundraisers and expected expenses of past and or future events. In addition, this position shall maintain records of expenditures and any other records necessary in relation to funds associated with Student Government or Student Government supported events and initiatives.

Section 4: EC Chair Student Liaison

The Student Liaison is responsible for conducting surveys, interviews and other research in order to gather both quantitative and qualitative data for the betterment of future Student government events and initiates. This research includes but is not limited to monitoring attendance at student based events (e.g. intramurals).

Section 5: EC Chair Community Liaison

The Community Liaison is responsible for building a positive relationship between businesses and individuals of Jackson Michigan and the Jackson College Student Government executive council. Additional responsible include seeking donations or opportunities intended to aid the JCSA either directly or indirectly through Student Government supported events and or initiatives.

Article VI. Student Government Membership Qualifications

All appointed chairs of Student Government must be currently enrolled JC students and must be registered in a minimum of six credits (Fall and Winter) or three credits (Spring) at JC during semesters while in office. All Student Government representatives must maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA while in office.

Applicants must have a GPA of 3.0. Additionally, ACT scores, previous high school organization experience or other professional experience will be taken into consideration when a student applies for a position in the executive council. Other criteria which we be reviewed include but are not limited to: Behavioral issues during the student’s time at Jackson College, letters of recommendation, and past personal achievements.

All chairs must be in good disciplinary standing with the college at the time of appointment and while holding office. Level II or III allegations which a student has been found responsible for by the Jackson College Judicial Board will result in automatic denial of application.

Article VII. Rules and Restrictions

EC members and committee chairpersons must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 and they must hold a minimum part-time student status which is designated as six college undergraduate credits (or 3 in the spring/summer semester). Any officer or committee chairperson who has a cumulative GPA that falls under a 2.5 will have one academic semester to raise his/her GPA. If after one semester, the cumulative GPA is still under 2.5 he or she will be removed from the council. If a student is found guilty of a level II or III behavioral issue, he or she will be immediately removed from their chair. If a student falls below the credit minimum, they will be given one week to get back into the credit minimum or will be immediately removed from their seat.

Article VIII. Parliamentary Meetings and Voting:

Section 1: Conduct of Student Government Meetings

Student Government meetings shall be open to any member of the campus community and those communities that the College serves. Participation of non-voting members shall be held in accordance with the most recent official edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.

A designated EC member shall serve as the Head Chairperson at all regular board meetings and special sessions of Student Government and shall be charged with interpreting and enforcing parliamentary procedure. All EC members will be trained to facilitate formal meetings in case the designee is absent. The Head Chairperson shall be chosen by a vote of EC at their first meeting of the academic year. No member shall vote for him or herself. In the event of a tie, a second vote will take place in which, members are able to vote for themselves. In the event of a second tie, the director of student life shall cast a deciding vote.

A representative and an advisor from each campus organization must be in attendance at each monthly Student Government meeting.

Section 2: Quorum

The Quorum requirement for voting at Student Government meetings shall be satisfied when three Executive Council members and two Committee Chairpersons are present at the meeting.

Section 3: Voting

A motion is carried or fails when seventy percent of the present voting membership cast votes in agreement with one another. Votes cannot be cast unless the voting member in question is physically present.

Voting members are: students on the EC council and the student representative of each student club or organization. Prior voting, students are allowed to confer with their advisor however it is not mandatory.

Article IX. New Campus Organization Recognition

Each new student interest group must fill out an application with Student Government to be considered for full organizational recognition. Please read the New Student Organization Recognition Process for specific details about how to become a recognized student organization.

Article X. Term of Office

The term of Office for the appointed Executive Council members begins in August of each year and ends in the following July.

Article XI. Removal from Office

EC members and Committee Chairpersons act under the guidance and supervision of the Director of Student Life. Members who do not meet general position expectations are subject to disciplinary action that may result in one of the following sanctions:

  • Verbal Warning
  • Written Warning
  • Probation
  • Removal from position

In cases where an EC member is removed from Student Government, the individual’s academic scholarship will be immediately revoked.

Article XII. Amendments

Section I: Origin

Amendments to the Constitution may originate through:

Any voting member of Student Government can generate an amendment petition. The petition must contain signatures of no less than 70% of the voting members of Student Government.

Section 2: Confirmation

All amendments must be presented before the Student Government EC for vote. The vote must then receive a yes vote from three of the five members and must then be approved by the Director of student life. The director of student life can only deny the amendment for one of two reasons.

  • 1. Financial
  • 2. The amendment goes against Jackson College Policy
  • Section 3: Ratification

    If the Director of Student Life approves the amendment, it is thereby ratified.

    Section 4: Enactments

    A ratified amendment shall take effect on the date specified in the amendment. If not specified, it shall take effect thirty days after the day of ratification

    Article XIII. Nondiscrimination policy

    In accordance with the policies and standards of Jackson College, the Student Government will not discriminate against any person because of race, color, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, or disability.

    Student Government Organizational Flowchart

    • Assistant Dean of Student Life/Desginee
    • Executive Council Representative
    • Executive Council Representative
    • Executive Council Representative
    • Executive Council Representative
    • Campus View Committee Chairperson
    • Academic Success Committee Chairperson
    • Athletics Committee Chairperson
    • Student Organization Representatives
    • Jackson College Student Association (JCSA)