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Student Government

Mission Statement

Jackson College Student Government is an organization whose mission is to advocate and promote quality student learning experiences inside and outside of the classroom.

The Student Government board will assist in Student Life endeavors, contribute to professional campus committees, and be the voice of all JC students, amongst other activities. Each Student Government member will receive a $500 scholarship for three consecutive semesters for their continued efforts. Please contact Taurean Wilson at

Open Student Government positions

Section 1: EC Chair Head of Event Coordination

The head of event coordination will be responsible for coordinating with all necessary Jackson College departments, Executive council members, individuals, business or other entities in order to create and execute planned events or initiatives accepted by the Jackson College Student Government Executive Council.

Section 3: EC Chair Treasurer

The head of finance will be responsible for making presentations on the current state of the Student life fund, fundraisers and expected expenses of past and or future events. In addition, this position shall maintain records of expenditures and any other records necessary in relation to funds associated with Student Government or Student Government supported events and initiatives.

Section 4: EC Chair Student Liaison

The Student Liaison is responsible for conducting surveys, interviews and other research in order to gather both quantitative and qualitative data for the betterment of future Student government events and initiates. This research includes but is not limited to monitoring attendance at student based events (e.g. intramurals).

Section 5: EC Chair Community Liaison

The Community Liaison is responsible for building a positive relationship between businesses and individuals of Jackson Michigan and the Jackson College Student Government executive council. Additional responsible include seeking donations or opportunities intended to aid the JCSA either directly or indirectly through Student Government supported events and or initiatives