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If you have further questions about dual enrollment please feel free to call the Registration Office at 796.8400 or toll free at 1.888.522.7344.

You can also visit our Frequently Asked Questions about Dual Enrollment for more information.

High School Dual Enrollment

Jackson College wants to provide an opportunity for motivated students to enrich their high school education by taking college classes while still in high school through the Postsecondary Option Act.

All high school students wishing to attend JC need to complete a high school dual enrollment form with the aid of their high school counselor, principal, and parent/guardian. The dual enrollment form must be completed in full before you come to JC to register for classes.

JC welcomes any high school student with the motivation to excel to attend classes at the college. We hope that the experience will help you to reach our goals for success.

Postsecondary Option Act

Your high school can provide the following information about the Postsecondary Option Act:

  • Who is eligible
  • What courses to take and what colleges you can attend to take classes
  • Who pays for tuition, fees, books and transportation
  • The need to enroll in those courses which best fit the students goals
  • The consequences of failing or not completing a college course
  • Effect on student's ability to graduate from high school
  • Responsibilities of eligible students and their parent/guardian

Please be aware of the following information about dual enrollment:

  • All students still in high school need to have a completed dual enrollment form to attend classes even if the high school is not funding the classes or accepting the academic credit.
  • You and your high school must decide prior to registration, who is responsible for payment and what type of academic credit you wish to receive.
  • The signature of your high school principal on the form is needed to satisfy the requirement of high school approval for attendance and indicate that you have received information as required by the Postsecondary Option Act as well as information regarding payment.
  • While enrolled at JC you are subject to all college policies governing students while attending classes.
  • Forms not completed in full with authorizing signatures will not be processed. You will not receive credit for classes you attend without the proper authorization.
  • JC will only release your schedule and grade information to your high school if the high school assumes responsibility for payment; otherwise you must request in writing that your records be released to the high school.
  • Your high school may not meet the entire financial obligation incurred by being dual enrolled. It is the responsibility of you and your parent/guardian to meet the balance owed for college tuition and fees. Contact should be made with your high school to determine what balances you and your parent/guardian may incur.