Jackson College Catalog 2013-2014

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2013-2014 Catalog

JCC Catalog 2012-2013

Please Note: Jackson College has published this catalog for information purposes only and its contents do not constitute a contract between this institution and prospective or enrolled students. The information contained in this general College Catalog reflects the current curricula, policies and regulations of the College. However, these are subject to change at any time by action of the Board of Trustees or the administration. The information is generally believed to be accurate, but the College disclaims liability for inadvertent errors or omissions.

Catalog of Entry

Requirements for degree or certificate programs at Jackson College are listed in the college catalog, which is updated annually. Students should follow guidelines in their catalog of entry, the catalog in use when they first entered JC.

Track Changes to Future Catalogs

This document will be updated after each Curriculum meeting and will contain changes that have been approved for the upcoming catalog.

Approved Updates for 2014-2015 Catalog
Complete 2013-2014 CatalogPDF (172 pages) 2.75mb
President's & Vice President of Students LetterPDF (1 page)
Programs of Study PDF (2 pages)
Chapter 1 - Degree Options & RequirementsPDF (18 pages)
Chapter 2 - Arts & CommunicationPDF (10 pages)
Chapter 2 - Business, Management, Marketing & TechnologyPDF (29 pages)
Chapter 2 - Automotive Technology, Aviation & EngineeringPDF (20 pages)
Chapter 2 - Manufacturing & Industrial TechnologyPDF (1 page)
Chapter 2 - Health SciencesPDF (25 pages)
Chapter 2 - Human ServicesPDF (7 pages)
Chapter 2 - Agriscience & Natural Resources PDF (1 page)
Chapter 3 - Course DescriptionsPDF (48 pages)
IndexPDF (3 pages)
JC Locations & Board of TrusteesPDF (2 pages)

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