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Business, Management, Marketing, & Technology Pathway

Program & Course Information

Business, Management, Marketing and Technology

Transfer Programs

Accelereated Business Degree Program with Sieha Heights University

Jackson College and Siena Heights University have partnered to offer students the opportunity to complete a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in three years, rather than four, through the Accelerated Business Program. Students complete their first 90 credits at the JC tuition rate, earning their Management Certificate, Marketing Certificate, and Associate of Business Administration Degree in the first two years. They then matriculate to SHU for the final year and 30 credits to earn their Bachelor of Business Administration Degree. The ABP courses are guaranteed on Tuesday evenings and alternating Saturdays; are built in hybrid format, part in the classroom and part online; and are offered at the Adrian campus of Jackson College. Students are admitted into a cohort group that traverses all the courses together; program cohorts begin each fall semester. Interested students must complete the ABP application found on the JC @ LISD TECH portion of the institutional website. For more information, please contact the Adrian JC @ LISD TECH location.

Computer Science

Computer science majors can concentrate and think logically, and enjoy working with ideas and solving problems. They become computer programmers, systems analysts, systems programmers and software engineers, have careers in telecommunications and computer operations, and hold positions in computer sales, design and manufacturing. The requirements for this degree – especially mathematics and science requirements – vary considerably among transfer institutions. Please see an advisor for more information.

Suggested Course Sequence

First Year, Fall Semester
First Year, Winter Semester
Second Year, Fall Semester
Second Year, Winter Semester
  • MAT 254
  • MACRAO social science and humanities courses
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* You may meet this prerequisite based on your course placement, ACT score or successful college coursework. Visit our web site for current assessment options and requirements.

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