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Computer Support Specialists

What Computer Support Specialists Do

Computer support specialists provide help and advice to people and organizations using computer software or equipment. Some, called technical support specialists, support information technology (IT) employees within their organization. Others, called help-desk technicians, assist non-IT users who are having computer problems.

Work Environment

Computer support specialists work in many different industries, including IT, education, finance, health care, and telecommunication.

How to Become a Computer Support Specialist

Because of the wide range of skills for different computer support jobs, there are many paths into the occupation. A bachelor’s degree is required for some computer support specialist positions, but an associate’s degree or postsecondary classes may be enough for others. After being hired, many workers enter a training program that lasts for several months.


The median annual wage of computer support specialists was $46,260 in May 2010.

Job Outlook

Employment of computer support specialists is expected to grow 18 percent from 2010 to 2020, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Job prospects should be favorable. Applicants with a bachelor’s degree and a strong technical background should have the best job opportunities..

Quick Facts: Computer Support Specialists
2010 Median Pay $46,260
Entry-Level Education Some college, no degree
On-the-job Training Moderate-term on-the-job-training
Number of Jobs, 2010 607,100
Job Outlook, 2010-20 18% growth rate

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