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Business, Management, Marketing, & Technology Pathway

Executive Assistant

What Executive Assistants Do

Executive assistants often start out as administrative assistants—performing office maintenance work—then graduate to juggling tasks for the higher-ups. While the responsibilities still include the basics, such as managing the boss’s calendar, coordinating meetings, and taking messages, executive assistants are also tasked with providing high-level administrative support for the company and its top executives.

Work Environment

Executive assistants work in nearly every industry, including industrial, retail, medical, legal, finance, education, hospitality, chain stores/restaurants, stock market, non-profits and more.

How to Become an Executive Assistant

Because executive assistants work alongside company executives, employers are increasingly seeking applicants with college degrees. New hires will most likely receive on-the-job training in the specific technologies that the company uses.


In 2011, executive assistants earned a median average salary of $45,580.

Job Outlook

The profession will see relatively average employment growth of 12.6 percent by the year 2020.

Quick Facts: Administrative Assistants
2010 Median Pay $45,580 per year
Entry-Level Education Bachelor’s degree
On-the-job Training Moderate-term on-the-job training
Number of Jobs, 2010 66,500
Job Outlook, 2010-20 12% growth rate

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