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Fundamentals of Engineering Certificate (FUEN.CERT)

The Fundamentals of Engineering Certificate prepares students to transfer to, or enroll in, four-year institutions as engineering majors. The certificate fulfills many of the first two years of academic requirements for engineering programs. Certificate graduates could also find employment as engineering technicians. While students should verify information with their transfer institutions, these students are advised by mathematics and engineering faculty members according to their specific program goals for the best transfer options.

Minimum credits41
Minimum cumulative GPA2.0
Minimum grade in all courses2.0
Minimum JC credits15
MACRAO AgreementNo

General Education Requirements – (6 credits)

Take the following:

Core Requirements – (35 credits)

Take the following:

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* You may meet this prerequisite based on your course placement, ACT score or successful college coursework. Visit our web site for current assessment options and requirements.

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