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EG Technician Skill Set

EKG Technician - Skill Set (EKTE.SSET)

The EKG technician skill set prepares students for professional certification and employment in a variety of settings, such as hospital-based cardiology clinics, cardiac rehabilitation centers, doctor’s offices, and emergency rooms. This is a great option for the student who would like to have patient contact without being involved in performing invasive procedures. Students may also choose to use this as a building block to enhance the skills that will be learned in another allied health or nursing degrees or to add to an already completed degree.

Minimum credits11
Minimum cumulative GPA2.0
Minimum grade in all courses2.0
Minimum JC credits11
MACRAO AgreementNo

Required Courses - (11 credits)

Additional Requirements

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* You may meet this prerequisite based on your course placement, ACT score or successful college coursework. Visit our web site for current assessment options and requirements.

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